Why would we give away the secrets?

At Boston Logic, we’ve been offering cutting edge real estate website design for years. We’re proud of our successes and our clients reap the benefits. Now, we’re telling you what works and what doesn’t on this blog. Are we giving you the recipe to our secret sauce?

Lots of our clients ask us this all the time. Why start a blog that offers advice? Why tell people what you know? Can’t someone else just replicate it?

Plainly, no. As the old saying goes, easier said than done. The effect is that we’re happy to give you the following information about real estate website design. Putting it into practice aint so simple.

So, today we’re going to start with just a few of the bedrock principles of Real Estate Website Design:

Rule #1 of real estate website design: Your website should produce leads and customers
This must be the #1 goal during the design process. If you cannot directly (not tacitly) demonstrate how a part, element, function, or component of your site produces leads or is somehow contributing directly to the buyer, seller, and lead generation goals of the site, then it has no business being on there.

Rule #2 of real estate website design: If no one visits your site, then it’s a waste of money
There’s no such thing as a free lunch and the world isn’t going to beat a path to your door just because you hang a shingle outside. The first 3 rules of real estate are (as the old joke goes) location, location, location. The same is true for websites. The location you want is at the top of the search engine results. And design work performed by graphic designers and not Web Designers with a firm knowledge of search engine optimization can often lead to a severe handicap.

Rule #3 of real estate website design: The user should intuitively know where to click in order to find the information that they are looking for.
Information architecture is overlooked all too often. We’ve seen thousands of real estate websites with laundry lists of links going down the left side. The vendors are selling these as lead acquisition tools. That’s just false. All the research shows that a user should have fewer places to click, not more. Here’s an example of a site we launched recently. Newton Ma Homes There are more than 3 links on the home page, but most folks just click on one of the three main sections. Also, most of the other links lead to the site’s lead generating features. It is, in short, a lead machine.

OK there. I gave away 3 secret ingredients. I’ll give away more of them too. Just keep reading.

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David Friedman
David Friedman
David founded Boston Logic Technology Partners and has over 10 years of experience in Real Estate technology and marketing. Today, David serves as Boston Logic’s President and has led the company through 6 consecutive years of growth. David is heavily involved in business development, marketing, and product development. As an industry speaker, David has contributed for organizations including NAR, Leading RE, Inman News, Real Trends, and numerous state and local associations of Realtors. In his spare time, David is hard to find as he is usually outdoors skiing, hiking, cycling, swimming, running, sailing, or playing a racquet sport of one form or another.

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