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Boston TechJam 2016 Recap

IMG_0824Boston got a chance to celebrate and accelerate our region’s success yesterday at Boston TechJam 2016. We kicked off the day at noon, setting up our booth with Cards Against Boston Logic, a play on Cards Against Humanity with a Boston Logic twist. It was a gorgeous seventy five degree day, and we were surrounded by free food and schwag….what more could we ask for.

We set out to recruit new members of the Boston Logic Team with signs reading, “If you don’t suck, work here.” (and, we don’t assume you do). This is just a fun tongue-in-cheek slogan we came up with to show that we really care about working with the best candidates out there. The work community we have built at Boston Logic is a close knit and friendly group of people always looking to help each other out or take a break from the computer screen for a game of foosball.

As the day went on, we got a chance to meet so many amazing candidates that would help us build our team as well as come good competitors at Cards Against Boston Logic. With drink tickets as our prize, you can imagine things got pretty competitive.IMG_0875

Our time at TechJam was flying by, and the games of Cards Against Boston Logic were still heated. Luckily, our friends at Vice Cream were keeping us cool with samples of their delicious rich ice cream. I’m not sure how many sample sizes make up a full serving size, but somehow I convinced myself the countless ones I ate added up to a small and I’m standing by that.

IMG_0839There were so many amazing booths with new ideas and products that made Boston TechJam 2016 even more memorable. We battled in DDR, raced robots, ate too much free popcorn, and collaborated with an artist painting on a giant canvas!

So many members of our team came out to support us, play cards with us, or just enjoy a beer and get their hands on as much schwag as they could carry. We hope TechJam isn’t the last time we see the faces of all the new friends and potential employees we met yesterday, but for now…

cardsagainstbl1          cardsagainstbl2

See you next year TechJam! We’re already planning what’s in store next!


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