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August 1, 2016
product updates

New Platform Features: July

July is officially behind us, so it’s time for the latest round of product updates! Here’s what the Boston Logic team has been coding up for you: Saved Searches for Contacts Path: Admin > Leads > Contacts > Contact Name > Saved Searches > New Saved Search Clients can now set up and send saved search updates to contacts! To setup a new saved search for a contact, the Agent or Broker would click into […]
June 24, 2016

New Platform Features: June

Summer’s here and there’s nothing better than something fresh. Take a bite of our latest product updates. Let’s get into what’s new for this month. Imprev Feed and SSO Path: Admin > Settings > Feed & SSO Settings > Imprev Settings For our clients who work with Imprev, we now offer a outbound user and listing feed and SSO to the Imprev system. When enabled, the SSO button will live in the upper right hand […]
May 18, 2016

New Platform Features: May

Miss us? Don’t worry, we’re back, and we have everything you need to know about our latest product updates for May. As always, we’ve been working on our platform and UI to give you the best user experience yet! Let’s get into what we’ve done this month: New Sales Tools Look and Feel! Path: Admin>Agent Tools>Sales Tools The Sales Tools section has a new look and feel. Now individual items will have file type specific […]
May 5, 2016

New Platform Features: April

In true Boston Logic fashion, we’ve been continuing to improve our product and want to let you know all about our updates for the month. Virtual Housing Tour Feed Path: Admin > Settings > Feed & SSO Settings > VHT Settings VHT allows agents to augment their listings by adding high quality photos and virtual tours that are above and beyond what is supported by the MLS. If this feed is setup it allows BL […]
March 30, 2016

New Platform Features: March

The month of March is coming to a close, so we’re back with another round of platform updates! Here’s what we’ve been working on for you: Plan-O-Matic Integration Path: Admin > Settings > Feed & SSO Settings > PlanOmatic Settings Floor plans and photos will be pulled into exclusive listings, and photos will be pushed out to syndications. To enable, the client can follow the path above and enter their API Key & Feed type, then […]
February 17, 2016

New Platform Features: February

Behind the scenes at Boston Logic, we are constantly working on our product to improve your user experience! Now we’re back with our latest product updates for February. Here’s what’s new this month: Lead Accept/Reject Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > Leads > “Agents required to ‘Accept’ Leads”checkbox & “Rejected Lead Agent” dropdown. By enabling this feature, agents will be required to accept a lead via a link sent to their email before they can […]
January 27, 2016

New Platform Features: January

We’ve implemented new updates to our product to improve your experience! Here’s the breakdown for January: Automated Sending of Seller Reports Users can now automatically subscribe sellers to website activity reports for their properties. This can be done in two ways: Through the edit lead screen in the admin portal. Click “Add a Property” and choose the subscription frequency; you can subscribe a lead to Daily/Weekly/Quarterly reports on that property. (Note: you can only sign […]
November 5, 2015

Release Notes – October

At Boston Logic, we’ve been working hard at building new features to make our platform easy to use and profitable for you and your agents. To keep you up to date on the latest changes to the platform we have started a new tradition to the blog, Release Notes. Release Notes will feature the latest release we have made to the Boston Logic Platform.  To kick off our inaugural month, take a look at our […]
April 17, 2015

What’s New for the Boston Logic Platform?

It’s been a long winter, but we’ve finally dug ourselves out of the snow and boy have we been busy. At Boston Logic, we are all about giving brokers, teams, and agents the tools they need to ramp up their business.  In fact, below are three recent releases to our platform. Here are three major updates that you can start using today: 1. Add contacts, agents, and employees to marketing lists: You can now add anyone to […]