LogicClassroom Recap: July 2014

July 2014 LogicClassroom Recap

Our July LogicClassroom, presented by David Friedman, focused on how real estate brokerages can take advantage of the Sequoia platform to maintain successful marketing and follow-up strategies, while reducing their workload.  One marketer, in effect, can make hundreds of agents look like rock stars. On the Sequoia platform, marketers have the ability to easily create templates, lists, and newsletters that they can send on the behalf of agents.  Marketers can choose to have the emails appear like they are coming from the company, the lead’s agent, or anyone else within... Read The Rest →

How One Marketer Can Make 100s of Agents Look Like Rockstars

LogicClassroom July 2014

Join us Tuesday, July 22nd @ 2PM EDT Presented by: David Friedman Register here. Optimize your marketing campaigns with minimal effort. In this LogicClassroom, we will discuss the ways in which one person can effectively manage all of a brokerage’s marketing campaigns. With personalization and marketing automation tools, marketing management has never been easier. Sign up for our webinar and find out how your brokerage can implement these practices.

LogicClassroom Recap: Optimizing Your Blog

Real Estate Marketing Webinar on Blogging

In this week’s LogicClassroom, we discussed how real estate brokers and agents can optimize their blog to generate more traffic and leads.  First, we took a look at the numbers and talked about the value of blogging and how in the past, it has proven to drive business to companies’ websites.  We then touched on how to set up a blog structure and went into more depth about how to consistently come up with good blogging ideas.  We concluded the webinar by giving pointers on how to get attention to... Read The Rest →

LogicClassroom: How Blogging Can Grow Your Business

LogicClassroom: How blogging can grow your business

REGISTER HERE Join us Tuesday, April 15th @2PM (EDT) Presented by: Yen Le Companies that publish blog posts regularly generate 4X more leads than those that do not.  The numbers don’t lie – it is clear that blogging is an extremely effective way to grow your business. In this LogicClassroom, we will discuss how you can take advantage of blogging to drive more traffic to your site and engage your audience.  We’ll talk about how to successfully set up a blog and go through the best practices of writing effective... Read The Rest →

LogicClassroom Recap: Google Analytics Best Practices

LogicClassroom Google Analytics Recap

In yesterday’s LogicClassroom, presented by Nitjyot Saroan, we focused on Google Analytics and talked about what the numbers mean and how you can use them to improve your website. To begin the presentation, she touched on the value in Google Analytics and how you can use it to track growth.  Growth is a subjective measure and is tracked differently for each website – how an agent measures growth may not be the same method used by a brokerage.   Before you begin dissecting your numbers, it is important to clearly define... Read The Rest →

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