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August 4, 2014
July 2014 LogicClassroom Recap

LogicClassroom Recap: July 2014

Our July LogicClassroom, presented by David Friedman, focused on how real estate brokerages can take advantage of the Sequoia platform to maintain successful marketing and follow-up strategies, while reducing their workload.  One marketer, in effect, can make hundreds of agents look like rock stars. On the Sequoia platform, marketers have [...]
July 1, 2014
LogicClassroom July 2014

How One Marketer Can Make 100s of Agents Look Like Rockstars

Join us Tuesday, July 22nd @ 2PM EDT Presented by: David Friedman Register here. Optimize your marketing campaigns with minimal effort. In this LogicClassroom, we will discuss the ways in which one person can effectively manage all of a brokerage’s marketing campaigns. With personalization and marketing automation tools, marketing management [...]
April 23, 2014
Real Estate Marketing Webinar on Blogging

LogicClassroom Recap: Optimizing Your Blog

In this week’s LogicClassroom, we discussed how real estate brokers and agents can optimize their blog to generate more traffic and leads.  First, we took a look at the numbers and talked about the value of blogging and how in the past, it has proven to drive business to companies’ [...]
April 15, 2014
LogicClassroom: How blogging can grow your business

LogicClassroom: How Blogging Can Grow Your Business

REGISTER HERE Join us Tuesday, April 15th @2PM (EDT) Presented by: Yen Le Companies that publish blog posts regularly generate 4X more leads than those that do not.  The numbers don’t lie – it is clear that blogging is an extremely effective way to grow your business. In this LogicClassroom, [...]
March 19, 2014
LogicClassroom Google Analytics Recap

LogicClassroom Recap: Google Analytics Best Practices

In yesterday’s LogicClassroom, presented by Nitjyot Saroan, we focused on Google Analytics and talked about what the numbers mean and how you can use them to improve your website. To begin the presentation, she touched on the value in Google Analytics and how you can use it to track growth.  [...]
March 11, 2014
LogicClassroom: Google Analytics

Google Analytics: What the Numbers Mean

Join us Tuesday, March 18th @2PM (EDT) Presented by: Nitjoyt Saroan REGISTER FOR FREE HERE Want to know what your Google Analytics numbers mean and how to interpret the data? This LogicClassroom is for you. In this LogicClassroom, we will discuss how you can take advantage of Google Analytics to [...]
February 13, 2014
Real Estate Email Marketing

LogicClassroom Recap: Email Marketing

In our latest LogicClassroom, we focused on how to create and maintain conversations through email marketing.  In the first part of the webinar, we took a look at the numbers and talked about why email marketing is so important – every $1 spent on email equals a return of $40.56.  [...]
February 5, 2014
Real Estate Email Marketing

Create and Continue Conversations with Email Marketing

Join us Tuesday, February 11th @ 2PM (EDT) Presented by: Yen Le REGISTER HERE According to the Smart Data Collective, $1 spent on email, on average, equals a return of $40.56.  By comparison, $1 spent on SEO equals a return of $22.44.  The numbers don’t lie.  Email is the most [...]
January 15, 2014
Real Estate Retargeting

LogicClassroom Recap: Why Retargeting is So Effective

In yesterday’s LogicClassroom, presented by David Friedman, we discussed how marketing automation, more specifically, retargeting, helps real estate brokerages take their marketing campaigns to the next level. Originally, real estate companies abided by a simple three-step process: drive traffic, convert leads, and pick up the phone.  With the evolution of [...]
January 8, 2014
Real Estate Retargeting

LogicClassroom: Bring Leads Back to Your Site With Retargeting

Join us Tuesday, January 14th @ 2:00PM (EDT) Presented by: David Friedman We’re all working to drive traffic to our websites and turn more of that traffic into high quality leads. Right? The data shows, quite simply, that an investment in retargeting produces visitors that convert into leads at a higher [...]