The Content You Should be Creating for Your Real Estate Blog

Real Estate Blogging

Homebuyers aren’t just searching for listings – they are searching for information on prospective neighborhoods and communities.  They want to get to know the people and place better before they commit buying a home in a respective community.  They’re interested in neighborhood events and politics, the school system, local businesses, and available amenities. That said, the best way for you to drive organic traffic to your blog is to keep it local.  Provide potential clients with information that they want to read and you’ll keep them on your site longer. ... Read The Rest →

Google Alerts for Real Estate

Google Alerts

Google offers a plethora of free tools that helps marketers optimize their websites and keep up with industry best practices.  In previous posts, we’ve talked about the value of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Trends in understanding how to improve keyword strategy and SEO, among other key online marketing areas. This post will focus on a tool that is often overlooked – Google Alerts.  This simple tool gives you the ability to monitor the web for content of interest.  You can easily choose the content you’d like to... Read The Rest →

Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Real Estate

In our previous blog posts we’ve talked about the value of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Keyword Planner in helping you take your SEO to the next level.  In this post, we’ll touch on Google Analytics and discuss how you can take advantage of this powerful tool to find out which pages on your site are engaging visitors and which ones you can improve. To begin, we’ll talk about the meaning of the vanity metrics used on Google Analytics.  It’s important to understand what the data is showing you. New... Read The Rest →

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