Understanding Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Real Estate

In our previous blog posts we’ve talked about the value of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Keyword Planner in helping you take your SEO to the next level.  In this post, we’ll touch on Google Analytics and discuss how you can take advantage of this powerful tool to find out which pages on your site are engaging visitors and which ones you can improve. To begin, we’ll talk about the meaning of the vanity metrics used on Google Analytics.  It’s important to understand what the data is showing you. New... Read The Rest →

Strengthen Your Keyword Strategy with Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google serves as a great resource when trying to plan out your keyword strategy and SEO practices.  In previous blog posts, we talked about the value of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Trends.  This post will focus on the benefits and best features of Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to use to figure out not only what keywords to target in Adwords, but also which ones to focus on throughout your website.  Found in the Tools section of the Google Adwords interface, you can research... Read The Rest →

Improve SEO by Making the Most Out of Free Google Tools

Google Trends Keyword Strategy

Google Keyword Planner often overshadows Google Trends.  Google Trends, however, is more valuable than you think and taking advantage of it will help you optimize your keyword strategy. Google Trends tells us more than just keyword popularity.  Using the tool, we can find out interest overtime, regional popularity, and related searches.  We’ll be able to get a better idea of which keywords to target and which ones to avoid.  The best part of the tool is that it is visually helpful.  Simple graphs and charts make it easy to discern... Read The Rest →

How to Take Advantage of Google Webmaster Tools to Improve SEO

Webmaster Tools Example Graph

Want to get a better understanding of how search engines view your site?  Sign onto Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools provides you with the analytics and information you need to improve your SEO practices.  In this blog post, we will highlight a number of sections in Google Webmaster Tools and give you tips on how you can use the data provided to make sure your site is optimized. Crawl Sitemaps: It’s important to submit your sitemap (both for your website and blog) to Google Webmaster Tools.  This helps bots... Read The Rest →

How to Build Links Without Being Classified as Spam

Real Estate Link Building

Our previous post on guest blogging touched on link building and how Google now considers many sources of links as spam.  In order to effectively link build, it is necessary to know what the rules are and how you can avoid being registered as an invalid source. Be cautious of controlling the anchor text of links.  Let the flow naturally.  You don’t want to manipulate the text and lead to an unnatural pattern that Google will consider spam. Don’t rely on guest blogging for link building. Distribute your content through... Read The Rest →

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