10 Years Later – What’s New with Facebook?

Real Estate Social Media

2014 marks the 10th year in which Facebook has been in existence.  Over these past 10 years, we have seen many changes to the interface and functionality of the social media platform.  In this post, we will go through recent Facebook changes so that you can optimize your pages and increase engagement. New Newsfeed.  Facebook recently made design updates to their newsfeed.  These changes were aimed at simplifying the newsfeed.  Changes were minor and affected most noticeably the font and sizing.  The changes should not affect your posts or ads.... Read The Rest →

Is Google Analytics Capturing All of Your Social Media Data?

Google Analytics for Real Estate Agents

We’ve been keeping track of our social media data here at Boston Logic and have noticed that there has been a significant discrepancy between the data given by third party applications, such as Buffer and Hootsuite, and that of Google Analytics.  As a response, we have been keeping a closer eye on data coming in directly from the social media channels, third party applications, and Google Analytics.  We found that the data from the third party applications and the social media channels were similar.  These numbers, however, did not match... Read The Rest →

Are Facebook Ads Worth Your Money?


Do Facebook ads get you a return on your dollar? Facebook has been pushing promotional updates and rewarding those who invest in paid advertisements.  It is becoming harder and harder to engage your followers without advertising – your reach and impressions aren’t as high.  However, there is still much debate among companies in all industries whether or not to invest in Facebook ads. Much of the skepticism of investing in Facebook ads stems from the fact that there have not been many case studies published about the positive ROI from... Read The Rest →

Build Higher Engagement on Social Media with Images

Real Estate Social Media

Want to get more engagement on your real estate social media channels? Post lots of pictures – pictures of the neighborhoods you cover, community members – anything that will help you develop your branding and draw interest.  It’s natural for us to process images much faster and easier than text.  In fact, 90 percent of all information transmitted to the brain is visual (via 3M Corporation). Here’s the breakdown of each social media network and data showing why images are so important: Facebook 43 percent of all the content that... Read The Rest →

Ongoing Discussion On Social Media

Real Estate Social Media

After our LogicClassroom last week on social media strategies, we received a great deal of questions, comments, and advice.  Social media is about forming relationships and creating conversations – in that spirit, we would love to share some of the comments we received and create a public discussion on the topic.  Feel free to send us your thoughts.  Below is the advice we received from Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu (@mediasres) on how to create conversations, as oppose to simply broadcasting content, on social media: I’m not sure what platforms you are focusing... Read The Rest →

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