Buyer Persona #4: First-Time Homebuyers

First time Homebuyer

First-timers to the home buying market represent a very special case for real estate agents. These potential buyers are likely young couples or families looking to expand their space and make crucial investments. If a strong customer relationship is built with first-time homebuyers, this could mean a lifetime of business for your company. Because this is such a big step for a the potential buyer, it is likely that he or she will conduct a lot of research before choosing a brokerage, and especially before purchasing a home. With the... Read The Rest →

Buyer Persona #2: Young Professionals (Single)

Buyer personas

When we talk about young professionals in the real estate market, we are usually referring to long-term renters. They are no longer living the migrant lifestyle of students, but still have some flexibility with regard to their location. These are prospective customers, usually in their mid-to-late 20s, who are looking to upgrade their living space and find their first real “adult” place to live. This post will focus on single young professionals, but we will write about young professional couples in a later post. When working with young professionals, you... Read The Rest →

Buyer Persona #1: Student Renters

Buyer personas

Student renters, usually in their early 20s, are students who have chosen to live off campus while they attend a local college or university. They represent an important market, and successful marketing towards them can mean big money. Because most students are looking to rent, they create easy opportunities for up-sells, repeat customers, and long-time clients. The current generation of student renters is usually referred to as the “millennials,” and millennials are characterized as tech-savvy, confident, and curious. They are no strangers to marketing and advertising, and are often turned... Read The Rest →

Are Twitter Ads Worth It?

Twitter ads

As an active Twitter user, I’ve been seeing lots of promoted tweets, accounts, and trends popping up on my feed.  I became curious as to whether or not Twitter ads were effective – were they getting clicks and adding more traffic to the sites that were investing in them? So I did a little research and here’s what I’ve found: Higher engagement than Facebook It is difficult to compare Twitter to Facebook because of their vast difference in amount of users and the demographics they cater to – but we... Read The Rest →

How Facebook’s New App Affects Your Marketing Efforts

Paper - Facebook New App

Facebook has been directing its efforts to increase mobile engagement.  And it’s for a good reason – with 1 billion active smartphone users, Facebook makes over half of their advertising revenue on mobile.  To become more dominant in the mobile game and introduce more apps, the social media company has formed Facebook Creative Labs.  The first app they released earlier this year was Paper. Paper is a newsreader app is similar to Flipboard.  Facebook users will be able to see their newsfeed in story form and can browse through other... Read The Rest →

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