Pinnacle Launches State of the Art Website

Pinnacle Properties Website

Earlier this year, Pinnacle Properties launched a new state of the art website powered by the Sequoia platform.  Pinnacle serves the western suburbs of Boston.  Their goal as a leading real estate company is not just to meet their clients’ needs but to exceed expectations.  With an integrative platform, brokers and agents are able to easily connect and follow-up with their clients and create effective marketing campaigns.

2014 Spring & Summer Real Estate Market Predictions

Real Estate Spring 2014 Trends

It is time to get ready for a busy real estate season – spring is here and summer is coming. Approximately 60 percent of homes bought or sold this year will occur between May and August.  Here is what to expect in the coming months: The winter real estate season was particularly slow this year because of consecutive snowstorms and bad weather.  With a cold, Polar Vortex winter, prospective home sellers and buyers were unable to put their home on the market or search for a new one.  As a... Read The Rest →

The Value of Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

Consumers care about reviews.  When they are researching a product, there is a high chance they’d read the reviews.  In regards to real estate, client testimonials and case studies serve as the equivalent when leads look for a brokerage and agent. Why are testimonials so important? Having testimonials on your site will help you build trust and credibility with potential clients.  They help you, in a genuine way, persuade potential clients to work with you. How should you incorporate testimonials to your site? Don’t be afraid to ask your clients... Read The Rest →

Make it Easier for Your Site Visitors to Find and Navigate Your Site


Sitemaps help define the structure of your site and makes it easier for both people and search engine crawlers to navigate through your content.  It’s important that you have an updated sitemap for your website and blog.  This will enhance the user experience and improve SEO. Many sites now are displaying their content on fewer, longer pages.  This simplifies their sitemap enough that they can put it into the footer of the website.  Others designate an entire page to a sitemap, clearly defining top level, secondary, and tertiary navigation.  This... Read The Rest →

Square Cash – What real estate brokerages can learn from a great application

Square Cash

Have you tried Square Cash? No, this isn’t an advertisement for square. Let’s learn from what these guys did. If you don’t know square, they kind of revolutionized the way merchants accept credit cards. They created a super simple device and app that allows you to plug a tiny card reader into your iphone , Android, or ipad, turning it into a credit card terminal in minutes. No more 50 wires hooked into your ancient cash register. Just a simple interface that works on any phone. No shock, it... Read The Rest →

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