“Town Pages” are now “Search Pages”

Real Estate Town page

We have had our Town Pages feature for a couple years now, and, even though change is hard, we decided to change the name from “Town Pages” to “Search Pages.” Search Pages will not be any different from Town Pages, besides the name. On the Sequoia Platform, Search Pages not only allow admins to create pages pertaining to a certain area or town, but they also give admins the power to pull in listings based on custom pre-defined searches. These searches can be as specific as an advanced property search.... Read The Rest →

Are Your Leads Falling Through the Cracks?

Advanced Lead Distribution

Let’s say a hypothetical person “Donna” visits your website then performs a few property searches, reads about a few neighborhoods you service, and eventually submits her information. GREAT! This is exactly what we want on our website. Donna shows interest in many parts of the site and requests more information by filling out a form on your site. Here’s the problem: no one calls Donna. It’s been four days since she requested more information on your site, and still no one has called her. Finally, after eight days, your marketing... Read The Rest →

Keep in Touch with Past Clients and Close More Deals

Market Insights Charts

Greg is a Project Manager here at Boston Logic and tells a story about his real estate experience that we hear over and over again.  He bought a home in Medford about a decade ago.  When asked about his experience, he has only great things to say and indicates that he would work with the agent again or recommend him to family and friends; however, there’s one shortfall.  When asked about specifics, like the real estate agent’s name, he draws a blank and simply cannot remember. Don’t Be That Forgotten... Read The Rest →

Back to School


Days are a bit shorter and the weather is cooler.  Fall is here, and with fall is back to school. Students are not the only ones thinking about school, parents are too. Parents want to be able to send their children to good schools that are in close proximity to their home. That’s why many homebuyers you work with take into consideration the quality of schools in the area.  The Education.com feature on the Sequoia platform makes it easy for searchers to find schools near their homes. In the map... Read The Rest →

Part of An Agent Team? New Sequoia Feature Makes Life Easier

New Feature on Sequoia

We noticed that many of our clients work as part of a team with one or more other agents in their office.  To make it easier for agent teams to manage their workflow and create a joint site, we’ve added a new “Agent Teams” feature in the Sequoia platform. With this feature, agent teams (of two or more people within an office) will be able to create a cohesive site with their branding and message.  They’ll be able to draw and attract leads with their listings and content.  All incoming... Read The Rest →

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