What’s the “Perfect” Length Blog Post?

Real Estate Blogging

A question that our clients often ask us, regarding content and SEO, is “What’s the perfect length blog post?”  And that got us thinking.  Are shorter or longer blog posts more engaging? And which perform better on search engines, like Google?  Here’s what we found: Engagement The length of a blog post is not a good indicator of engagement.  Other factors that may be more indicative of the engagement level are: topics covered, quality of writing, and frequency of posts.  If you have a well-established blog and are regularly posting... Read The Rest →

Yorke Realty Coldwell Banker Upgrades Their Website

Yorke Realty

Congratulations to Yorke Realty! They recently launched a new website under the Sequoia platform.  Their website allows them showcase the best of Maine and New Hampshire – helping them keep potential clients on their site longer and searching through homes.  Seamlessly integrated with an advanced customer relationship management system, their agents are able to keep track of all their clients and never let one slip through the cracks.  Check out the website here.

New eBook: Google Tools for Real Estate

Google Tools for Real Estate

We recommend our clients to take advantage of the plethora of free Google tools available.  The suite of tools, ranging from analytics to news alerts will help you find out ways to improve your site and stay ahead of industry trends.  In our latest eBook, we break down 6 Google tools and provide tips on how to use them to improve your site’s SEO and social media campaigns. What are you waiting for? Download the eBook now.

The Value of Retargeting on Facebook Mobile for Real Estate


Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your branding and get potential leads returning to your site.  Over the past couple years, we have seen retargeting become more advanced and highly targeted.  Now, companies can retarget ads on both on desktops and mobile. For this post, we’ll focus on retargeting Facebook mobile users – the latest feature added to the popular retargeting provider, Adroll.  Facebook retargeting gives companies the ability to display their ads on the right hand side of the web page, as well as directly... Read The Rest →

Part of An Agent Team? New Sequoia Feature Makes Life Easier

New Feature on Sequoia

We noticed that many of our clients work as part of a team with one or more other agents in their office.  To make it easier for agent teams to manage their workflow and create a joint site, we’ve added a new “Agent Teams” feature in the Sequoia platform. With this feature, agent teams (of two or more people within an office) will be able to create a cohesive site with their branding and message.  They’ll be able to draw and attract leads with their listings and content.  All incoming... Read The Rest →

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