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Back to School

Days are a bit shorter and the weather is cooler.  Fall is here, and with fall is back to school. Students are not the only ones thinking about school, parents are too. Parents want to be able to send their children to good schools that are in close proximity to their home. That’s why many homebuyers you work with take into consideration the quality of schools in the area.  The feature on the Sequoia platform makes it easy for searchers to find schools near their homes. In the map... Read The Rest →

What the iPhone 6 Launch Means for Real Estate

iPhone 6 queues

The new iPhone 6 is the latest craze.  At Apple stores, people have been queued up for hours.  In some cases, there lines are wrapping around blocks.  What does this mean for real estate?  For one, it shows the rise in smartphone use and the need for real estate brokerages to adopt mobile friendly websites.  Smartphone use is on the rise, especially as it becomes more affordable and accessible to most Americans. No longer are people using their phones to just make calls and text.  They are also searching.  Searches... Read The Rest →

Buyer Persona #1: Student Renters

Buyer personas

Student renters, usually in their early 20s, are students who have chosen to live off campus while they attend a local college or university. They represent an important market, and successful marketing towards them can mean big money. Because most students are looking to rent, they create easy opportunities for up-sells, repeat customers, and long-time clients. The current generation of student renters is usually referred to as the “millennials,” and millennials are characterized as tech-savvy, confident, and curious. They are no strangers to marketing and advertising, and are often turned... Read The Rest →

A Guide to Buyer Personas

Buyer Persona

With the real estate market back on the rise, closings are happening quickly and houses stay on the market for significantly less time. However, when you receive a new listing, before you begin to engage your marketing and sales efforts, it is important to assess a key factor in the marketing and sales process: The Buyer Persona. Buyer Personas are the fictitious depictions of what you and your agents would define as your “ideal customer” for a specific property. A property is not necessarily limited to one buyer persona only... Read The Rest →

What’s the “Perfect” Length Blog Post?

Real Estate Blogging

A question that our clients often ask us, regarding content and SEO, is “What’s the perfect length blog post?”  And that got us thinking.  Are shorter or longer blog posts more engaging? And which perform better on search engines, like Google?  Here’s what we found: Engagement The length of a blog post is not a good indicator of engagement.  Other factors that may be more indicative of the engagement level are: topics covered, quality of writing, and frequency of posts.  If you have a well-established blog and are regularly posting... Read The Rest →

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