Part of An Agent Team? New Sequoia Feature Makes Life Easier

New Feature on Sequoia

We noticed that many of our clients work as part of a team with one or more other agents in their office.  To make it easier for agent teams to manage their workflow and create a joint site, we’ve added a new “Agent Teams” feature in the Sequoia platform. With this feature, agent teams (of two or more people within an office) will be able to create a cohesive site with their branding and message.  They’ll be able to draw and attract leads with their listings and content.  All incoming... Read The Rest →

The Real Estate Market So Far This Year

Real Estate Market 2014

The trends so far: While home prices still continue to rise throughout the country, that rate of increase has been slowing down, compared to last year.  In July, we saw an increase of home prices by 0.8 percent, less than the month-over-month rise in June of 1.2 percent. The biggest price increases year-over-year have been seen in: Riverside-San Bernardino, CA; Birmingham, AL; Miami, FL; and Atlanta, GA.  In these markets, the price increases are, in large part, due to the “rebound effect.”  There had been a significant decline in prices... Read The Rest →

Don’t Lose Track of Your Past Clients

Market Insights

Greg is a Project Manager here at Boston Logic and tells a real estate story that we hear over and over again.  He bought a home in Medford about a decade ago.  When asked about his experience he only has great things to say and indicates that he would work with the agent again or recommend him to family and friends.  However, there’s one shortfall.  When asked about specifics, like the real estate agent’s name, he draws a blank and simply cannot remember. Don’t be that forgotten agent – it... Read The Rest →

Innovation comes on the second wave


I’ve come to realize that in the world of technology, innovation now comes in on the second wave. Let me explain… If you don’t listen to Econ Talk, and you want to know what’s going on in the world of economics, you should. Last week’s episode features Russ Roberts interviewing Sam Altman. Sam is with Y Combinator. Sam said something very interesting. He said that he was looking forward to the next generation of wearable technology. Why? Not because he thought that the minute the iWatch hits the stores it’s... Read The Rest →

Westwood Realty Launches New Website

Westwood Realty

Congratulations to Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty on their new website launch! The Leading RE and Luxury Portfolio Company serves Ulster County, Mid Hudson Valley, and the lower Catskills.  They have been able to strengthen their presence in the region with their outstanding customer service.  With the follow-up and marketing automation tools on the Sequoia platform, they can take their service to the next level and go above and beyond their clients’ needs.  They’ll be able to spend less time behind the computer screen and more time with face-to-face interactions.... Read The Rest →

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