2015: The Year That the Homebuyer is On Top and Online


 Don’t call it a comeback! Well, you could call it that. With a growing economy, electric cars, and  (hopefully) a Patriots win on February 1st, 2015 brings a lot of exciting changes.  One change that piqued our interest here at Boston Logic pertains to the  housing market shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Buyers this  year are finally projected to be favored over the sellers for a few reasons:   Loosened lending guidelines: lending institutions are offering 3% mortgage down payments, which will make buying a first... Read The Rest →

Buyer Persona #6: Empty Nesters

empty nester

For our sixth and final installment on targeting “Buyer Personas” with your Real Estate Online Marketing campaigns, we will be discussing Empty Nesters. While we’ve covered all of the various populations from young adults to growing families, empty nesters are an older demographic who are usually looking to downsize, due to their children growing up and leaving home. Empty nesters are possibly thinking about retiring and want a new home or condo that reflects their recent lifestyle changes. Appealing to empty nesters has changed in recent years with increased access... Read The Rest →

“Town Pages” are now “Search Pages”

Real Estate Town page

We have had our Town Pages feature for a couple years now, and, even though change is hard, we decided to change the name from “Town Pages” to “Search Pages.” Search Pages will not be any different from Town Pages, besides the name. On the Sequoia Platform, Search Pages not only allow admins to create pages pertaining to a certain area or town, but they also give admins the power to pull in listings based on custom pre-defined searches. These searches can be as specific as an advanced property search.... Read The Rest →

Are Your Leads Falling Through the Cracks?

Advanced Lead Distribution

Let’s say a hypothetical person “Donna” visits your website then performs a few property searches, reads about a few neighborhoods you service, and eventually submits her information. GREAT! This is exactly what we want on our website. Donna shows interest in many parts of the site and requests more information by filling out a form on your site. Here’s the problem: no one calls Donna. It’s been four days since she requested more information on your site, and still no one has called her. Finally, after eight days, your marketing... Read The Rest →

Buyer Persona #5: Young Families

Young Family real estate

                        Real Estate Online Marketing is an important part of any agencies’ strategy, especially when working with young families. Families need room to grow. They also need easy access to local amenities, such as schools, medical facilities, and grocery stores in order to keep their families healthy and strong. The integrated maps on our Sequoia platform make it easy to search for local attractions and necessities. When searching for properties on your website, visitors can filter their map search... Read The Rest →

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