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August 12, 2016
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New Platform Features: August

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August platform features

Check out our newest August platform features!

Market Insights for Contacts

Path: Admin > Leads > Contacts > Contact Name > Market Insight Updates > Subscribe

Boston Logic clients can now set up and send Market Insight updates to contacts! To set up a new Market Insight update for a contact, click into the individual contact and set up the saved search there, through the new “Market Insight Updates” area. As contacts do not have a panel that they can log into, they cannot manage their searches, but they can unsubscribe from the search updates by clicking the appropriate link in the email footer.

August platform features, market-insight-contacts-update

WYSIWYG Image Map Editor

Path: Admin > Content > Pages > Edit/New

We have installed an image editor plugin for the WYSIWYG Editor. This feature allows you to insert an image and then link different parts of the image to different destination links. Start by inserting an image into a page. Once you do that, a new icon next to the “Image” icon will appear in the WYSIWYG menu. It looks like this (). Click that button and an interface will come up allowing you to draw shapes over the image and link them to different destinations. 

You can draw various shapes using the shape selection buttons at the top and insert links to each.

August platform features, photo-wysiwyg

SSOs now live under the Agent Tools section

Path: Admin > Agent Tools > Single Sign On

If a client has SSO integration with any third parties, the SSO links will now live in their own section of Agent Tools. Note: SSOs need to be set up by our production team.

August platform features, SSO

Resources section now with collapsible categories

Path: Admin > Agent Tools > Resources

You can now collapse resource categories to reduce the noise on the page and focus only on what you need.

Public Link for Individual Resources

Path: Admin > Agent Tools > Resources > Create New

Now when adding a new resource, you can choose to have it publicly available to individuals who have the property link, by marking the checkbox titled “Display a public link for this resource”. If you mark that checkbox, you will be shown the public link for that resource on the resource detail view page, which you can share with anyone to give them access to the resource.

Zillow Agent Reviews

Path: Settings > Configuration > Agent/Office > Show Zillow Reviews on Agent Profiles

We can now pull Zillow agent reviews into our system to be displayed side by side with other agent testimonials in the system (responsive themes only). The Admin can turn it on site-wide. If it is enabled then the agent will have the option to turn off Zillow reviews for their bio page in the profile edit section of the Agent admin.

New Social profiles for Agents

Path: Admin > Settings > Agents & Brokers > Edit Agent > Social Media

Now agents and brokers can have social profiled for Active Rain, Plaxo, Flickr listed on their bio pages.

Agent Site Access for Office Administrators

Path: Admin > Settings > Agent Site Access > Office Managers

Now Admins and Brokers can grant access to office managers to edit agent sites. If you navigate to the Agent Site Access page, you will see another table below the Admin and Broker table, where you can grant access to the admin of an agent site for office managers. Access will be granted by the Admin or Broker on a site by site basis.

Agent Search on Office Details page

Path: Admin > Settings > Agents and Offices > Agent Search Field on Office Pages

If enabled, this feature will allow users to search for agents on Office detail pages via Name or Spoken Languages.

Your input helps us continue to improve our platform and add new features each month, in our goal to provide you with the best user experience — we want to hear from you! Thanks for reading about our August platform features. Check back next month to see what we’ve been working on!


Spencer Taylor
Spencer is the Director of Business Development at Boston Logic, where he works with Sales and Marketing to drive sales of the company's online marketing and lead management solutions to real estate brokers, and build relationships with clients and strategic partners.