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May 4, 2016
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New Platform Features: April

Business concept image of a businessman clicking Update button on virtual screen over blue background

Business concept image of a businessman clicking Update button on virtual screen over blue background

In true Boston Logic fashion, we’ve been continuing to improve our product and want to let you know all about our updates for the month.

Virtual Housing Tour Feed

Path: Admin > Settings > Feed & SSO Settings > VHT Settings

VHT allows agents to augment their listings by adding high quality photos and virtual tours that are above and beyond what is supported by the MLS. If this feed is setup it allows BL clients to sign into the VHT system and see a list of their exclusive listing which they can augment. Those changes will then automatically feed back into their BL website and admin.

Social Posting Display Upgrade

When you share a listing on our system to Facebook or Twitter it will now pull the main image and appropriate information in a pleasing and well formatted manner rather than a random image.





Blog Post Meta Data Editing

Path: Admin > CMS > Blog > New Post

When a user is adding a blog post on the BL system they can now edit the Meta Description and Meta Title to the post.


Sales Exclusive Listing Information Editability

Path: Admin > Property > Sales Search > Property Detail > Edit Exclusive Info

Users can now edit their exclusive properties when they search for them in the admin sales search.

Parent Child Page Sharing

Path: Agent Admin > CMS > Pages

Agents can now have access to elements of the brokerage site as optional menu items on their agent site. Agents will have access to the following pages by selecting them in the CMS section of their agent sites

  • All Search Pages
  • All Top Level Area Profiles with associated sub neighborhood/areas
  • All Developments
  • CMS Pages that the admin marks as available.

Contact At Once Chat Integration

Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > Chat Integrations > Contact At Once

For clients who are Contact At Once customers they can enter their account info and enable the service on their Boston Logic site.


One Cavo Inbound Lead Email Parser

Leads from One Cavo can now be passed into our system through an inbound email parser.

Lead or Contact Message Templates

Path: Admin > Leads > Lead Detail > Send Message  

When a user is sending a message to a lead or a contact they can style that message by choosing any marketing template available to them.

Option to Remove List of On-market and Sold Properties from Market Insight View

Path: Admin > Reports > Market insights > Edit > Show Property Listings on Market Insight Page

Users can uncheck the “Show Property Listings on Market Insight Page” box to remove active and sold listing from the Marketing Insights display.


Thats what went down in April. Check back soon and see what we’ve been working on in May! 


Spencer Taylor
Spencer is the Director of Business Development at Boston Logic, where he works with Sales and Marketing to drive sales of the company's online marketing and lead management solutions to real estate brokers, and build relationships with clients and strategic partners.