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New Platform Features: July

product updates

Update Concept

Update Concept

July is officially behind us, so it’s time for the latest round of product updates! Here’s what the Boston Logic team has been coding up for you:

Saved Searches for Contacts

Path: Admin > Leads > Contacts > Contact Name > Saved Searches > New Saved Search

Clients can now set up and send saved search updates to contacts! To setup a new saved search for a contact, the Agent or Broker would click into the individual contact and set up the saved search there through the new “Saved Search” area. As contacts do not have a panel that they can log into, they cannot manage their searches, but they can unsubscribe from the search updates by clicking the appropriate link in the email footer.


Multi-Person Action plans!

Path: Admin > Tasks > Action Plans > Edit or New Action Plan

Admins and Brokers can now create multiple person action plans! To date, tasks on an action plan could only be assigned to the agent who owns the lead.

Now, when creating the action plan, the creator can assign a specific task within the action plan to a specific user. Every time the action plan is used, that task will always be assigned to the specific person. As an example, I create an action plan I assign tasks in the following way;

Task 1 – The assigned agent
Task 2 – Broker 1,
Task 3 – Admin 1,
Task 4 – The assigned agent

Now, every time this action plan gets assigned, the same broker and admin will be responsible for 2 and 3 no matter who the assigned agent that is working on the plan is.


General Notes now Part of Logic MLS CSV export

Path: Admin > Property > Logic MLS > Export Properties

When you export the property list out of Logic MLS, the “General Notes” section will be included as a column in the resulting .CSV.

We never think anyone should settle for outdated technology. We’re working everyday on our platform to ensure that each of our users has the best user experience. Why not stay on the cutting edge with us?!


Spencer Taylor
Spencer is the Director of Business Development at Boston Logic, where he works with Sales and Marketing to drive sales of the company's online marketing and lead management solutions to real estate brokers, and build relationships with clients and strategic partners.