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January 6, 2012
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Tracking Views of Exclusive Listings on Your Website


“How Do I see how many views my exclusive listings are getting?”

We often get this question from clients looking to see the exposure their listings are getting – it’s a simple process to find out. Here’s how:

1. Open your Google Analytics account, and click on the Content tab (it’s on the left sidebar). Once you click on it, you’ll see more information about analytics for your site including Site Content, Speed, Search, Events, AdSense (paid advertising), and in-page analytics.

google analytics sidebar content

Google Analytics sidebar content

2.  Click on the Site Content tab and pick the subcategory Pages

Google Analytics Content Tab

Google Analytics Content Tab

3. Voila!  You are now able to see the top ranking pages on your site, according to traffic.

4. This is all great information – but you want to see how many page views your exclusive listings are getting.

Let’s go a step further and click on “advanced” (orange square) which is on the right hand side of the pages table. This opens a section on top of the table with a tab labeled “include” (red square).

Google Analytics Pages advanced Filter

Google Analytics Pages advanced Filter

5. Now go to your website and click on the listing you want to track in Google Analytics. The URL on the listing should look like this –  or

Copy the numbers at the end of your URL and go back to your Google Analytics pages dashboard.

6. Paste the numbers (for example 1616313) in the empty space on the right hand side of the empty tab (orange square) that previously was labeled “Include” (red square) . (Note that the tab labeled “Exactly Match” by default should be changed to the option “ENDS WITH“. After you have completed the steps above, click “apply“.

7. You should now be able to see the page views & other details  for your individual listing, as shown below.

Google Analytics pages with advanced filter on

Google Analytics pages view advanced filter on

Reporting on your listings is just one of the great value-added services that come along with a Boston Logic SEO and online marketing campaign. Contact us today to learn more!

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    great ideas Google Analytics is a awesome tool

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