3 Common Real Estate SEO Misconceptions – DEBUNKED! [Part 2]
August 26, 2015
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October 7, 2015
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3 Common Real Estate SEO Misconceptions – DEBUNKED! [Part 3]

This is part three of our three part series. Click here for part one and here for part two.

In this series, we have explored some common misconceptions about SEO in the real estate industry and the truth for each one. In order to rank well, real estate brokerages must always stay up to date on SEO best practices. Here is the final misconception that we will cover in this series:

Misconception #3: Writing short blog posts once or twice a week is enough to increase your organic search rankings78

When getting into the online marketing game, one of the first things you will hear is: it’s important to blog. There have been tons of studies done on the frequency, word count, and keywords to use to blog successfully. However, all of these metrics imply that we are using our blog for one purpose and one purpose only: SEO–trying to optimize blog posts, so they get found in the search results.

At one point in time, blogging once or twice a week could do the trick. And this is not to say that successful business don’t still do this. Not only is regular blogging good for SEO, but potential clients and customers will come to expect these posts, and if they find them useful, they will continue to visit your site for information.

(Pro tip: Read Hubspot’s Guide to Inbound Marketing to learn more about how Inbound marketing has become a way for businesses to become educators.)

However, in today’s world, successful businesses also use their blog to distribution ambitious, extremely high-level content for long term lead generation.

Truth: Write and aggressively distribution ambitious content!

Creating more long form pieces, such as area guides or real estate white papers, can establish a brokerage’s expertise in the field, and that particular piece of content will be used repeatedly by users looking for this specific information.

However, it’s important to realize that writing this ambitious content piece is only the first step. After you’ve put together a piece you are proud of, you have to get it out there! Many bloggers tend to neglect the distribution process. Posting your blog, and perhaps feeding a link to Facebook and Twitter won’t be enough.

Incorporate an email marketing campaign along with your social media efforts to get the word out about your new piece of ambitious content.

Blogging is still important. It adds fresh, relevant content to your website on a regular basis. However, our content efforts must change. Businesses who want to get ahead should think about what sets them apart from the competition and creates value for their customers, and the create some extremely well-developed content around these topics.

This is the final part in our three part series about real estate SEO misconceptions. Click here for Part one and here for Part two.

Leah Tagliarino
Leah is a Marketing Services associate at Boston Logic, where she researches and and applies the major practices of digital marketing, to include Google Adwords online advertisement, search engine optimization, content production, blog management, keyword research, competitive analysis, reporting and more. She is in direct contact with Boston Logic clientele tasks on a daily basis, playing an integral role within the Marketing team.