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January 25, 2016
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New Platform Features: January

updateWe’ve implemented new updates to our product to improve your experience! Here’s the breakdown for January:

Automated Sending of Seller Reports

Users can now automatically subscribe sellers to website activity reports for their properties.

This can be done in two ways:

  • Through the edit lead screen in the admin portal. Click “Add a Property” and choose the subscription frequency; you can subscribe a lead to Daily/Weekly/Quarterly reports on that property.
    (Note: you can only sign up one lead for reports through this method)

Path: Admin >  All Leads > edit (individual) lead info > Add a Property

seller report lead screen

  • Through a property report page in the admin portal you can sign up multiple leads and contacts for the reports (admin/properties/PROPERTYID/report). When you arrive on a property detail view, click “View Report” from the action buttons along the top of the page. On the report page you will see a new area on the right hand side of the page labeled Report Subscriptions. You can add as many leads and contacts to the subscription list as you wish, and each recipient can have a different frequency for when they receive the report. When you click “Save Subscriptions,” the system will send the report out at the frequency that you have stipulated.

Paths: Admin > Property > Sales Search > property detail view page > View Report

Admin > Sales Exclusives > click address link to property detail page > View Report

seller report properties page

Sales Tools Permissions

Admins and Brokers can now create user role and office level permissions for:

  • Sales tool categories (sales_tool_categories/new)
  • Subcategories (admin/sales_tool_categories/new?parent_id=xxx)
  • Individual tools (admin/sales_tools/new)

When you create a new item, you will see a section of the page that looks like the image below. By checking a combination of roles and offices, the admin/broker can make the tool or category accessible only to the users who need it.

Path: Admin > Agent tools > Sales Tools

sales tools permissions

Logged Social Sign On

On the lead details page, you can now see if a lead used Facebook or Google to sign up with the system. It is logged in the Lead Info section, second row (with name, email, etc), 3rd column.

Path: Admin > Leads > My Leads > Lead detail

New Search Page Option

Now you can save a search based on price changes for a given time period.

Path: Admin > Property > Property Search > Price Change Since
(Note: admins will have to enable this through Settings > Configuration > Property Search > Advanced Search Settings (Back End) > General > Price Change Since)

price change search

New Integrations

Flip Key: Now vacation rentals can pull from Logic MLS to the Flip Key so that Flip Key users can browse rental inventory from our clients Logic MLS systems.

Five Street: Clients who use Five Street to bring in third party leads can now have those leads feed directly into our CRM through an email parser.

Office 365: Contacts and Calendars can now sync between Office 365 and the Boston Logic Platform.

Zillow Review API: Now you can see Zillow reviews for the listing agent on the detail view page. Please note that this cannot be enabled through the admin and currently can only be integrated into a site layout during the site build.

That does it for January. Your feedback is valuable to us; it helps us to continue to improve our product and your experience, so please don’t hesitate to send your suggestions. We’ll be back next month with more updates; see you then!


Spencer Taylor
Spencer is the Director of Business Development at Boston Logic, where he works with Sales and Marketing to drive sales of the company's online marketing and lead management solutions to real estate brokers, and build relationships with clients and strategic partners.