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Make More Money with These Lead Management and Sequoia CRM System Tips!

For those of you utilizing the great Sequoia real estate website platform, here are some helpful tips for using the LogicLeads Real Estate Lead Management and CRM system that will make you more money!

  • Enter each lead into the system. Regardless of source.
  • Setup nightly email updates.
  • Look at the searches your leads have performed, email them some listings and ask if they would like to see any of them.
  • Create a showing sheet and ask if they’d like to setup a time to see any of these listings.
  • Schedule tasks to follow up on.

5 Calls in 5 Days

  • Schedule a task to follow-up with each closed renter for 6 months later to see if they want to rent again (or maybe even buy!)
  • Ask every renter if they’ve thought about buying.

If “yes”…

  • Set them up with nightly email updates in the same neighborhood where they want to rent with their buying criteria
  • Send messages to leads directly from the system

*HINT: Make sure you’ve edited your profile to include a proper email signature!

  • Search through your lead activity to see who has been using the site and when and follow-up using that intelligence.
  • Enter each showing and make notes after so you know what each lead needs and / or wants.
  • Export calendar of events and tasks that you’ve set up.
  • Use export function to quickly get leads into your Outlook and phone.

Not set up with the best-in-class real estate website software? Contact Boston Logic today to make the investment in your business!

David Friedman
David Friedman
David founded Boston Logic Technology Partners and has over 10 years of experience in Real Estate technology and marketing. Today, David serves as Boston Logic’s President and has led the company through 6 consecutive years of growth. David is heavily involved in business development, marketing, and product development. As an industry speaker, David has contributed for organizations including NAR, Leading RE, Inman News, Real Trends, and numerous state and local associations of Realtors. In his spare time, David is hard to find as he is usually outdoors skiing, hiking, cycling, swimming, running, sailing, or playing a racquet sport of one form or another.

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  1. Wow, these are some neat and useful features. I’ll think about using your platform on my new websites.

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