Easily Manage and Create Your Own Website Content!

At Boston Logic, we quickly realized that most brokerages and agents don't need a complicated Content Management System behind their website. In fact, we have found that many of our clients become frustrated with the full featured systems which are widely available because they are simply too cumbersome. When we built the Sequoia Software System, we looked for a component to include in the package that would be easy to use, while still giving the user the power to make unique, creative pages and content. Coming up empty, we built our own LogicCMS to meet these needs.

Today, the LogicCMS has evolved into a user-friendly and robust content management solution. LogicCMS is deployed with every real estate website that we launch as a component of the Sequoia System. It is also leveraged when we are building premium websites or applications that need something that can't be delivered by Drupal or Wordpress.

Sequoia CMS Enables You To:

  • Create your own Call-To-Actions to generate leads
  • Build pages and menus on a user-friendly and robust CMS
  • Easily upload, resize, and mange images and other media
  • Automatically generate Google sitemap
  • Ad links to documents and rich content such as PDFs and MP3s
  • Manage pages quickly and easily through a simple interface



"I have to say (Boston Logic) is great as far as Customer Service goes- you always get back to me right away. As far as the product itself, I am now on page 1 of Google organic searches for a lot of the neighborhood pages. I don't know whether to talk you guys up, or keep you as a carefully guarded secret weapon!"

Ken Abramowitz, Keller Williams Metro Team Realty

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