Communication Strategy

Real Estate Email MarketingAn effective communication strategy is the best way to successfully incubate new leads, manage current clients, and maximize lifetime customer value. If you don’t stay in contact with your current and past clients on a regular basis, then you are more likely to lose those clients over time and re-engaging old clients is an uphill struggle. 

At Boston Logic, we use time-tested methods to ensure that you are effectively keeping in touch with your clientele, in a manner that adds value. LogicReach, our email marketing platform connected to LogicLeads CRM, gives us the ability to design and implement segmented campaigns that drive results. 

We help you engage new leads and maintain relationships with past clients by creating aestheically pleasing templates and messaging:

  • Weekly/monthly emails
  • Drip campaigns
  • Market reports

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"Boston Logic has been one of the most effective investments the Social Law Library has made in recent memory. The staff has become an extension of our own. They are always there when you need them and they always perform beyond expectation. Using the services provided by Boston Logic has given the Social Law Library and its member’s access to the cutting edge technology it demands."

Brian Flynn, Social Law Library

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