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If you have already spent money on an attractive website, but you know that the technology behind your site isn't doing the job, you know it's time to make the move to our Sequoia platform.

However, you probably don’t want to lose the unique look and feel of your site, which you, no doubt, invested a considerable amount of time and money to create. Fortunately for you, Boston Logic has the solution. Our Mimic Theme design option lets you keep your site’s aesthetic while utilizing all the powerful functionality Sequoia has to offer.

Here's how it works: We build a new theme as a visual replica, then migrate all of your existing content to your new site to keep the user experience consistent. The end result? You keep the “curb appeal” you know and love, but gain the full value and power of the Sequoia platform.

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"Boston Logic...offered lots of a great advice and were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was happy with the final product. They never got tired of my emails and phone calls and were always warm and friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone else in [the real estate] industry as the go to firm for website applications and development."

Chris Dunn, Back Bay Realty Group

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