Less Paperwork Means Less Time Closing Deals!

Our Virtual Documents feature, just one component of the Sequoia Platform, gives you the power to fill out all of the paperwork required to execute a transaction. Offers, contracts, purshase and sale, leases, you name it! All of this is integrated with our LogicLeads and Deal Tracker components.

Imagine, one place to create and store leads, deals, and the documents associated with each.

Features Include:

  • Each agent can easily create the documents they need for each transaction.
  • Easily update and edit the documents you've created.
  • Top-down deal monitoring and management capabilities for office and transaction managers.
  • Secure document storage and archiving.

Even in an increasingly paperless world, deals don’t happen without the legal documents that make them official. Filling out forms like offers to buy property, contracts, and purchase and sale agreements all need to be executed in order to make a deal complete – and nobody wants to spend the time it takes to fill them all out. The Sequoia System takes all of that work off your desk and gives you the ability to fill out all of your commonly used paperwork with a few simple clicks. Pick a form, a lead, and a property, and with one click Sequoia will execute the entire form for you. Just click ‘Print’ and your document is ready to sign – complete with all pertinent info about your customer and listing. All your completed documents are saved for easy access at any time.

Why spend your time filling out endless paperwork when you could be out closing deals? Let our Virtual Documents tool do it for you.

"The customer service (at Boston Logic) is outstanding and the billing is fair. They helped me create a solution that allows me to have as much control as I want, while still offering the exact level of support I need. With their advice I rank on the first page for almost all of my search terms. When I look back on the very first meeting I had with Boston Logic, and recall what I asked for - they have delivered completely."

Will Brokhof, The Boston Home Team

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