Boston Logic has helped countless Real Estate companies start up, grow, hire, and enter the online marketing world. Combining our years of experience in the real estate vertical with our proprietary technologies and proven marketing strategies, Boston Logic consistently brings real estate companies to market-leading positions. More than just a team of thinkers, we implement the recommendations we make and produce real results in the form of leads and customers.

Boston Logic was founded on a few simple principles:

1. The best websites in the world will never be effective unless someone visits them.

Therefore, marketing goals must be taken into account when developing a website or application.

2. When the user arrives at your website, they should intuitively know where to click in order to find what they are looking for.

Web design is more than just pretty pictures, snazzy logos, and font choices. Designs must be created in order to achieve the goals of the website.

3. Software development cannot be successful in a vacuum.

Developers need to know how their code will be seen and used by visitors. Developers need to understand the principles of online marketing and they must work with the design and marketing teams to produce the best results.
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"Boston Logic has been powering since June of 2010 with great success. Their team of technical, marketing and web-savvy professionals is a great partner, and their Sequoia platform works for companies of all sizes --- from 600 agents at Conway, to individuals looking to gain a share of the internet lead generation market. I highly recommend Boston Logic's tools and staff."

Al Becker, Jack Conway Realtor

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