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February 12, 2016
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Customer Spotlight: Peabody & Smith

mr peabodyOne of our clients, Peabody & Smith Realty, ended 2015 on a high note. By collaborating with the Boston Logic Marketing Services team, they had 10% more inbound leads and their blogging traffic went up by 122%! They even closed out the year by rescuing a sweet abandoned cat they named “Mr. Peabody.” Since they ended out the year so strong, I wanted to know what their marketing plans were for 2016, so I caught up with their VP of Sales and Marketing, Chrissy Smith, to see what’s on the horizon for 2016.

Search Engine Optimization

The Peabody & Smith website excels in search. They rank very well in Google organic search for many of their top keywords related to the White Mountains and Central New Hampshire areas. Our Marketing Services team works hard to maintain these rankings, using several different tactics–content marketing, improving website architecture, on-page optimization and link building.

Link Building

For Q1 of 2016, the team has proposed a new link building project for Peabody & Smith, which will leverage their brokerage and agent contacts, affiliations and networks in the local communities in hopes to build links back to the Peabody & Smith website.

Content Marketing

The Peabody & Smith team produces high-quality local content on a regular basis. They have a very successful blog which includes a variety of real estate, listing, lifestyle and brokerage-related content. The Boston Logic Marketing Services works with Peabody & Smith to strategize and optimize each new content marketing effort, from start to finish.

Continue to Make Their Agents Shine

What’s unique about the Peabody & Smith blog is the involvement of their Agents. If you look through their posts, it’s clear that their agents are not only the subject matter experts on real estate questions and advice, but they are also ambassadors on what to do in Northern New Hampshire.

Produce Content Focused on Sellers

The common real estate marketing myth is that most online leads generated are buyers. The keyword in that last sentence was “myth.” Using data and segmentation, Peabody & Smith discovered that their inbound leads were both a mix of buyers and sellers, so they are looking to expand their content to the seller market.

Promote Commercial Properties

The commercial team at Peabody & Smith has seen some really great sales over the last year. While they do promote commercial listings, the marketing team is looking to feature these sales on both their blog and social media accounts more often to increase awareness of commercial services.

As you can see, the team at Peabody & Smith are working hard and coming up with strategies that will help them enhance their customers and clients goals via marketing initiatives. For more information about our Boston Logic Marketing Services team, check out our website.


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