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January 18, 2016
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New Year, New Marketing Associate

I’ve never been a fan of New Years Eve. It’s the world’s largest “Final Countdown.” (Which is also a song I’ve never been a fan.) As much as I personally dread ringing in a new year, professionally I was excited. For the past month, I was searching my network trying to find someone who not only fits into the traditional role of a Marketing Associate but also fits in with our company culture. After a glowing referral from a good friend and old coworker of mine, I am pleased to have Samantha Leonard on board!

What is your professional background?
My background is in writing. I studied English at Umass Amherst where I concentrated in Professional Writing and Technical Communications. Along with my Bachelor’s degree in English Humanities, I have a certificate in Professional Writing and Technical Communications.

What brought you to Boston Logic? (Besides a referral)
I wanted to break into marketing. I like Marketing because I have a chance to be more involved with campaigns and form connections. I started my career as a Technical Writer for SaaS company but decided I ultimately wanted to do more creative and exciting work.

How have your first weeks been?
So far, so great! Boston Logic is entirely different from my previous experience, and I’m loving it. I’ve been spending time in support, learning the platform from the ground up. I am impressed with the product’s robust capabilities and the user-friendly UI; I enjoy training on it. I can’t wait to finish training and dive into the Marketing Associate role.

Speaking of the platform, what’s your thoughts?
I find it interesting how automated the platform is. I think it is cool how listings auto-populate for the area profiles you create. I also like how simple it is to create templates/drip campaigns, associate them with a list and have them send out automatically send out.

Are you glad you came to Boston Logic?
Yes, of course! Marketing is what I want to do; the platform is amazing, and I work with some talented people.

Well, we are also glad to have her on the team! If you’re looking to make the move in 2016, the Boston Logic team is growing! Apply today!



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