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February 23, 2016

Is your Content Relevant? List Segmenting Tips to get your Message Through

How often do you find your inbox clogged with irrelevant emails that you don’t even want to open, let alone read? What about those ads you see on Facebook or other sites, are they ever significant enough to stick with you, or dare I say, click on? Sometimes you probably wonder why you are even getting messages like this in the first place. Now take a moment to reflect, could your contacts be thinking the […]
February 4, 2016

3 Ways to Boost your Referral Game

How many times have you heard the phrase “get your head in the game?” Maybe you’ve heard this from a coach, your boss or even from yourself in a moment when things were just not going as planned. Whatever the case, we know it means it’s time to step it up. So get ready because you’re about to hear this once again – it’s time to get in the game – the referral game that is. What […]
November 25, 2015

3 Ways to Add Gravy to your Lead Follow up

Everyone has their favorite Holiday and their reasons for it. I happen to love Thanksgiving, for one reason, the gravy. Gravy is the most integral part when it comes to my Thanksgiving plate game. Gravy is the one thing that takes the entire feast to the next level, and while I will try not to drool on the keyboard in the process, I’m going to let you in on some strategies to bring your lead […]
October 7, 2015

Are Online Leads Important?

The following is the introduction to our latest eBook, “The Truth About Online Leads, The opportunity that real estate brokerages are missing.” If you find the information compelling, download the study to find out more!  Online leads have long been misunderstood in real estate. Agents don’t think they are valuable. Brokers struggle with converting the leads they generate and calculating return on investment. The full lifecycle of a lead generated via a brokerage website is […]
August 20, 2015

3 Reasons Brokers Don’t Get the Leads They Deserve (And How to Fix Them)

When you are looking for a home or a new apartment where is the first place you go? Personally, like most people, I rely on Google. In my searches, I stumble across countless real estate websites. As I click through these sites, far too many of them aren’t doing enough to convert the traffic into leads. Are you getting the leads that you feel you deserve? If you’re like most brokerages, you worked hard on […]
January 5, 2015

2015: The Year That the Homebuyer is On Top and Online

 Don’t call it a comeback! Well, you could call it that. With a growing economy, electric cars, and  (hopefully) a Patriots win on February 1st, 2015 brings a lot of exciting changes.  One change that piqued our interest here at Boston Logic pertains to the  housing market shift from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market. Buyers this  year are finally projected to be favored over the sellers for a few reasons:   Loosened lending […]