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April 25, 2016
Google desktop advertising changes

Google’s Desktop Advertising is Changing. Here are the Updates you Need to Know

Google’s in the process of making some big changes to the way they display ads to desktop users across their search results pages (for and Google search partners). If you haven’t already heard, the updates rolling out are sure to have an effect of a number of metrics for advertisers, including CPC bids, impressions, placement results, etc. You can’t escape what’s happening– these changes are effective worldwide, for all ads, regardless of language — […]
August 18, 2015

10 Brokerage Tech & Marketing Pros to Watch

Here at Boston Logic, we’ve been in the real estate game long enough to notice some of the best players in the game. We can also spot some of the top up-and-coming innovators as well. In fact, we’re so impressed with these rising stars that we’ve created a list of the ten brokerage tech and marketing pros to watch. In no particular order, here are ten rockstars doing big things in real estate: 1. Noelle […]
February 25, 2015

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble: What’s Next for Zillow and Trulia?

Last week, we all thought the merger of Zillow and Trulia was big news, which it was. $800,000,000 in revenue and 2000 employees ain’t nothing to sneeze at. But since then, it seems that what they’ve created is a bigger target! First, Move decides that they won’t feed listings to Trulia. Then a judge forces them to keep the listings flowing, for now. Somehow, Wall Street hardly reacted to this. The house is on the […]