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Context + Content = <3. Incorporating Context into your Content Marketing

content and context

content and contextTo most real estate professionals, it’s pretty clear that creating need-to-know, educational content is a must to draw in buyers and sellers and close those deals. And that’s it, right — create it and wait for the magic to happen? Well, not so much. There’s another piece to the puzzle that marketers in any industry need to fit into their content strategy: context.

If a piece of content isn’t contextually relevant to the person reading it, they won’t engage, and they won’t move through the sales cycle. It sucks, but it’s the reality we live in. People don’t want to waste time reading something that has no bearing on their lives.

But, for the right person, at the right time, that piece of content is anything but a waste.

Because content + context = <3.

Content Marketing focuses on crafting educational content, rather than sales pitches, to guide leads toward becoming customers. It incorporates inbound marketing strategies like blogging, SEO, social media and other content offers.

Context Marketing is all about reaching the right person with the right content at the right time. This helps you deliver the information that your contacts want to know, when they need to know it. When you incorporate context into your content marketing strategy, your are able to create content that people love, and that performs better overall.

Know your Audience

To deliver the right content to your audiences, you need to get a little personal and step into their shoes. Who are your audience segments? What is driving them to buy or sell? Most importantly, what questions do they need answered?

Sending out a first time buyer’s guide to a seasoned home-owner just isn’t going to fare very well when it comes to engagement. It will likely be overlooked. However, developing a persona for first time buyers allows you to create campaigns that target these specific leads and deliver them the most valuable content, that they want to read.

Get Smart

Make your marketing as smart as you are. It’s as easy as incorporating some dynamic elements into your landing pages and platform. Doing so means that your content has the best chance of performing well.

Smart Lists & Workflows

To deliver the right content to your audience personas, you need to segment each into their own list. Smart lists allow you to automatically segment your contacts as they come into your system, based on specific criteria that you define. You can then set your lists up on campaign workflows to follow up with your leads with specific content geared toward those segments.

Smart Forms

In the real estate industry, it’s crucial that you capture a lead’s information in order to get them into your system so that you can continue to follow up with them. (Of course you want them to remember you when the time comes for them to complete a transaction!) Making your forms smart eliminates the need for a lead to enter duplicate information when filling one out. Instead, you can use progressive profiling to have your forms ask for new information that will give you greater insight into the lead, helping you better target them with valuable content.

Automate Listing Updates & Market Reports

When someone comes to your site, you want them to be able to save their favorite listings. This way, your system can generate listing updates to send out based on the those favorites. Your agents should also be able to save listing searches for their leads and email updates off to them at appropriate intervals to stay top of mind. All of this and more can be accomplished through a sophisticated marketing automation platform.

Such platforms also allow your agents to also send out market reports for the communities they service. This way, when you see that you have leads actively checking out your site and listings, your agents can follow up with them with insight reports the describe the health of the market for that area and property type. The value here is that a market report can have a major impact on a lead’s or existing client’s decision to buy or sell. 

Creating content that people love and find valuable is easy once you consider context as a major influencer in your content marketing strategy. And, when people find value in your content, they’re more than likely to find the same value in your brokerage. So, be the business of choice when it comes time for someone to pull the trigger on buying or selling.


Samantha Leonard
Samantha is a Digital Marketing associate at Boston Logic, who works closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to create engaging and valuable content, with the goal of educating leads and guiding them through the buyers journey.