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November 28, 2017
Real Estate-Specific Websites

Why You Need a Real Estate-Specific Website

As a sales representative I talk to dozens, and dozens of real estate agents and brokers every day. In my calls, I learn about wants and needs, pain points and concerns from professionals all over the U.S. One the most frequent conversations I have, is why it’s so important to have a real estate-specific website. While real estate brokerages have been investing in websites for a long time, many still ask “how important is my […]
June 1, 2017

Boston Logic Acquires Propertybase

Boston Logic Acquires Propertybase – Shakes Up Real Estate CRM Space Boston, MA — June 1, 2017 – Boston Logic ( today announced it has acquired global real estate CRM and marketing software provider Propertybase ( Propertybase provides a best-in-class brokerage and team focused CRM built on the Salesforce platform, serving clients in over 60 countries. Propertybase management and the team of 48 will continue in their roles with the company. “The Propertybase team has […]
May 10, 2017

Real Estate Tech Tip: Understanding Data

Real Estate Data Everyone wants more data, agent data, client data, web traffic and email performance data. Why? At Boston Logic we hear a lot of noise about data within the real estate industry but not a lot of actionable plans to put it to work. So how do we put all this data to work? Client data is the fuel for automation, the more you know about your clients the better you can hone […]
May 10, 2017

Clients, Designers, & Compromise?

Clients and Designers Designing a website can be an incredibly frustrating process for both clients and web designers. All too often, clients present their designers with long, evolving lists of design requests that can transform an otherwise beautiful project into a total disaster. At the same time, designers will often minimize the importance of client input, delivering a product which neither satisfies their client’s expectations nor meets the functional needs of their industry. Web designers […]
May 10, 2017

Real Estate Tech Tip: Put Your Data to Work

Everyone talks about how important data is to a real estate brokerage. But “data” doesn’t tell us anything without analysis. Today we are looking at the benefits of three different real estate brokerage data sets, Agent data, Buyer and Seller data, and Transaction data. Agent Data Analysis of Agent data can give us insight into how efficiently a brokerage is functioning and where problems exist. Lead conversion, lead follow-up time and quantifying outreach can give […]
April 28, 2017

2017 SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization (SEO) — The process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid, organic results with keywords and/or keyphrases. The following is a short list of best practices to follow in managing your site’s SEO.   SEO On-page Optimization Conduct basic keyword research, relevant to your website’s content, targeted to the visitors you want to attract. Tools such as Google Adwords Keywords Planner and Google […]
April 28, 2017

New Platform Features: April

Full Story Integration Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > Marketing > Full Story Full Story is a website optimization data tool that we now have an integration with.   StreetEasy Listing Feed Path: BL turn on through company settings page A nightly outgoing listing feed surfaced at /streeteasy.xml   Contacts now in the API There is a new class of endpoints for contacts in our API allowing third party systems to pull push and […]
March 28, 2017

New Platform Features: March

Leads from StreetEasy Now Available Through our Zillow Tech Connect Platform Integration Leads from the StreetEasy portal are now available to feed into our system through our Zillow Tech Connect Platform Integration. Lead Additional  Email Subscription Management Path: Agent Admin > Leads > All Leads > Lead Detail > Add Additional Email Agents can now opt additional email addresses into the subscriptions of the parent lead record.         Advanced Lead Distribution by […]
March 28, 2017

New Platform Features: February

Platform Intrgration Exclusive Sold Listings Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > MLS Settings > Exclusive Sold Properties only? You can now select the option to only display your exclusive properties when displaying sold listings.   Lead Street Email Parser We now have an inbound lead email parser from Lead Street which is Re/Max product.   Market Insight Graphs on Seller Reports Now the standard Market Insight Graphs will be included in system generated Seller […]