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New Platform Features: November

new November platform features

new November platform featuresCheck out our new November platform features. More to come soon!

Product Updates 11/07/16

Email Marketing Template Categories

Path: Admin > Email Marketing> Templates > Manage Categories

Now the admin can create email template categories and organize their existing and new templates. To start, from the Templates page, click “Manage Categories.” This brings up a modal allowing you to create a new category or manage existing categories.


Once you have created categories, you can assign individual templates to these categories from the template edit screen, where you will not see a category selection field on the first line on the right side of the screen.


When you have created categories and populated them with templates the template section will look like this:


RESTful Leads API

We now have a leads API allowing third parties to integrate with the Boston Logic Platform to Push, Pull and Edit leads in the Boston Logic CRM. This allows for faster and more seamless integrations with third parties moving forward. When requested, Boston Logic can provide a client specific API Key for this work. If a client wants the use the Leads API for an integration with a third party please put them in touch with Product to coordinate the integration.

HubSpot Lead Integration and Tracking

Path: Admin > Settings> Configuration> Marketing > HubSpot

Now clients can sync their Boston Logic CRM with the HubSpot Marketing platform and embed Hubspot tracking codes into their website.

Searching by Agent Accreditations.

Path: Admin > Settings> Configuration> Agent/Office > Toggle Agent Accreditations

Now admins can allow users to search by Agent Accreditation. To begin, the admin turns on the option via the path referenced above. Then, the admin enters the accreditation values that they want to include in the corresponding text field.


Once that has been saved a new area appears in the Agent Edit Screen. Under profile settings there is a multi-pick list titled “Agent Accreditations” that the admin can choose from.

On the Team page on the front end of the site, there is a new search option to search by Accreditation, where the user will also be given a multi-pick list.

Agent social links in Company Email Marketing Templates

Path: Admin > Settings> Configuration> Marketing > Email Marketing > Use Sender’s Social Links in Footer.

When an email is being sent by an admin on behalf of many agents, the system can now match the social links in the footer of the email to the individual agent, whose email address is listed as the sender. If this option is not enabled the social links will pull from the brokerage.

Office Name on Vcard.

Path: Admin > Settings> Configuration> Agent/Office > Use Agent’s/Employee’s Primary Office

When enabled the Agent’s Vcard will list their office information rather than the overall brokerage information.

Recaptcha Update

Path: Admin > Settings> Lead > Require Captcha on Signup?

Now if a client wants to enable Recaptcha on their site they will have to request a API key from to do so.

This rounds out our part one new November feature updates. Check back soon for more new feature updates to our platform! 


Spencer Taylor
Spencer is the Director of Business Development at Boston Logic, where he works with Sales and Marketing to drive sales of the company's online marketing and lead management solutions to real estate brokers, and build relationships with clients and strategic partners.