New Platform Features: March
March 28, 2017
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April 28, 2017
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New Platform Features: April

Full Story Integration

Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > Marketing > Full Story

Full Story is a website optimization data tool that we now have an integration with.


StreetEasy Listing Feed

Path: BL turn on through company settings page

A nightly outgoing listing feed surfaced at /streeteasy.xml


Contacts now in the API

There is a new class of endpoints for contacts in our API allowing third party systems to pull push and update Contacts. They are listing in the “Contact” endpoint group in our API Docs.


Bulk Update Leads with Action Plans

Path: Admin > Lead > Search|My Leads|All Leads > Bulk Actions > Assign Action Plan


You can now assign Action Plans to Leads in bulk. Once you select the bulk action a new drop-down will appear with a list of available action plans to choose from.


Listing Report User Interaction Section removal

Path: Admin > Property > Sales Exclusives > Property Detail page > Hide User Interactions on Property Reports?

When you create a listing report for the seller you can now choose to remove the “User Interaction Section” that plots activity for that property on the brokerages site by selecting the checkbox “Hide User Interactions on Property Reports?”


Saved Searches for Leads/Contacts from the property section

Path: Admin > Property > Sales Search > Search Results > Saved Searches

When you conduct a property search in the Admin you can save that search as a saved search for a lead. Simply follow the path above and enter the lead or contacts information into the drop down.



Admin Property Search by MLS

Path: Admin > Property > Sales Search > Select MLS to Search from

You can now choose to search per MLS simply click the MLS you want to search from the drop down.



Trulia Feed Settings

Path: Admin > Settings > Feed/SSO > Trulia

You can now remove income or investment properties from the feed to Trulia.


Agent Lead Acceptance Options

Path: Admin > Settings > Leads > Apply Agent Acceptance Only to Auto-Assigned Leads

With this setting, agents will only be required to accept leads which have been assigned via Round Robin or Advanced Lead Distribution. This will prevent leads who have inquired on agent sites or on exclusive listings from being assigned to other agents if the primary agent does not accept in time.

Open House Marketing Templates Listings per Row

Path: Admin > Marketing > Templates > New Template

Open house marketing templates can take 1, 2 or 3 listings per row that you can define in the template creation process.


New Option for “Data Share” MLSs

Path: Admin > Settings > MLS

When an MLS includes data from other MLS’s, we now give the option to exclude that data on a clients site. The setting will only display if the client’s site has “Data Share” MLS.