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December 8, 2016
New Platform Features: January
February 10, 2017
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New Platform Features: December

Check out our latest platform updates!

Google Fonts in Page Wizard and WYSIWYG Editor.

Now in the “Fonts” drop-down in the WYSIWYG editor and in the Page Wizard there are 800 Google approved fonts to choose from.

Marketing List Subscriptions Editability on the Lead Record.

Path: Admin > Leads > all leads/My Leads/lead search > Lead Detail View > Email Marketing > Lists

Now you can manage a lead’s marketing list subscriptions through their lead record. In the “Lists” table in the email marketing section, there is now an “Unsubscribe” column which will show an “Unsubscribe Now” button for all active subscriptions, and a date and time for when previous email marketing campaigns have been unsubscribed from.

edit marketing lists, marketing lists subscription editability

Team Information in Agent Export

Path: Admin > Settings > Agents and Brokers > Export Agents with Teams

Now you can export Agents with their associated team information. The team name is displayed in a separate field.

Adding off Market Listings to the Properties Owned Section

Admin > Leads > all leads/My Leads/lead search > Lead Detail View > Edit > Properties Owned

When adding a property you can now use a street address to add a property to a lead record that is not an active listing.

Lead Search by Marketing List Subscriptions

Path: Admin > Leads > Search > Show Advanced Options

When conducting a lead search you can now search for leads who are subscribed to Marketing Lists, Marketing Insights, Newsletters and Individual Campaigns.

lead search by marketing subscription, search for leads by marketing list

Fields added to Lead Export

Admin > Leads > all leads/My Leads/lead search > Lead List View > Bulk Update leads > Export Leads

When exporting leads you now get additional data from the following fields;


  • id
  • phone1_ext
  • phone2_ext
  • phone3_ext
  • timeline.try(:name)
  • relocating
  • price_range.try(:name)
  • where_heard.try(:name)
  • try(:comments)
  • user_comments
  • ps_signing_date
  • closing_date
  • next_followup
  • housing_status.try(:name)
  • contact_method.try(:name)
  • financing
  • last_active
  • bounced
  • mailing_list_signup
  • owner.try(:full_name)
  • total_logic_score
  • recent_logic_score
  • referral_source.try(:domain)
  • paid_referral
  • search_term
  • agreed_to_terms
  • country_name
  • retargeting_referral
  • pending_assignment
  • pending_agent.try(:full_name)
  • pending_office.try(:name)
  • unsubscribed_all_at
  • unsubscribed_sales_searches_at
  • unsubscribed_rental_searches_at
  • daily_searches_copy_agent
  • updated_at

Creating a Lead without an email address

Admin > New Lead

When creating a lead you can now do it without an email address by checking “Auto generate placeholder email” in the lead information section. The system automatically creates a dummy email address for the lead and it is automatically marked as an invalid email, so no email marketing material will be sent to the dummy address. When the lead is updated with a real email address, the system removes the invalid email address flag and you are able to subscribe the lead to email content.

creating a lead without an email address

Stay tuned for even more feature updates!

Spencer Taylor
Spencer is the Director of Business Development at Boston Logic, where he works with Sales and Marketing to drive sales of the company's online marketing and lead management solutions to real estate brokers, and build relationships with clients and strategic partners.