New Platform Features: January
February 10, 2017
New Platform Features: March
March 28, 2017
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New Platform Features: February

Platform Intrgration Exclusive Sold Listings

Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > MLS Settings > Exclusive Sold Properties only?

You can now select the option to only display your exclusive properties when displaying sold listings.


Lead Street Email Parser

We now have an inbound lead email parser from Lead Street which is Re/Max product.


Market Insight Graphs on Seller Reports

Now the standard Market Insight Graphs will be included in system generated Seller Reports for the home’s area and price range.


New Print Templates

Path: Admin > Email Marketing > Templates> New Marketing Template > Print Flyer 1/Print Flyer 2/Print Flyer 3

We have three new flyer designs available in the new Marketing Templates section of the email marketing tool. Although they were built as print flyers they can also be used digitally.


Subscribe Contacts to Daily Search Emails via Bulk Update

Path: Admin > Leads > Contacts> Bulk Update > Daily Emails

You can now bulk update Contacts to daily search emails for both Sale and/or Rental properties.


Virtual Tour and Listing Video integration with Paradym

We now can pull in Virtual Tours and Listing Videos from Paradym. 


Setting For Default Social Share Logo

Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > Company > Social Sharing Logo

Facebook requires a 200x200px image for a logo and now you can upload a default version of your logo in the 200×200 format that will be used for social sharing.


Home Valuation System page (Boston Logic setup only)

Path: Admin > Content > Dynamic Forms > Create New Form

Now you can create a home valuation page on client sites that look like this. To complete this you will first need to create a dynamic form.  For the example below dynamic forms are set to 2 columns, therefore the admin can add an extra field to account for the spacing.  If the sites only set for 1 column on forms, you will only need a field for “Address.”

Content -> Dynamic Forms


Lead Capture must be checked, as well as your field(s) for the address.  

Next, you will create the page. Path: Admin > Content > Pages > Create New

All you need is the page name and path, as the dynamic form name will automatically display, you do not want to add a page header as it will just show twice.

You will want to add a hero image, and in the “Custom Template” field add: home_valuation


Note: this will display the form below the hero image. Due to all the combinations of fonts and colors and photo options, design is unable to create a template that will work perfectly for all themes.  If you would like the form over the theme photo, please send a ticket to design (via Heather) for them to style it appropriately.  


Agent Type Ahead Search Directed to Agent Pages

Path: Admin > Settings > Configuration > Agent Search Link to Agent’s Website.

Now in Agent Index Search Options, you can choose to have the search deliver the user to the resulting agent site rather than the agent profile page. If no agent site exists the system will fall back to the agent profile page.

Note: This only applies to the agent search type-ahead

Reset Search Option in Back End Sales Search

Path: Admin > Properties > Sales Search > Reset Search

The back end property search can save the specifics of the last search you conducted so the user can return to the search form and refine their search. If you want to conduct an entirely new search you can now click “Reset Search” which will return all search fields to null.