New Platform Features: December
December 20, 2016
New Platform Features: February
March 28, 2017
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New Platform Features: January

Platform Page Wizard Image library

Path: Admin > Content > Page Wizard Templates > Image Library

Boston Logic has rolled out a new admin feature to the platform that will make the image and video organization much easier within the Boston Logic Page Wizard. There is now a central Image Library where admins can bulk upload and organize images to be used on Page Wizard Templates.

When you first come into the Page Wizard Templates section you will see a new button titled “Image Library.”

When you click on that you will be taken to the library where you will see a full list of the various folders that have been created in the Library.

From this screen, you can browse images by clicking on individual categories. In categories, you can see the images that are contained in that category, preview them by double clicking on them, recategorize them in the preview frame or delete them by clicking “delete.” You can also see subcategories to the parent folder you have chosen.

Aside from browsing images, you can add new Categories by clicking “Create New Category.” When you click the button a modal will pop up asking for a name for the new category and whether you want it to be a subcategory of an existing category.

When you create a new category and it is empty you will be prompted to add an image to the folder in the list view.

To add images to the folder you can click that button in the category or click the “Add Image/Video” button in the header. If you click the header button, you will be asked to choose a category before proceeding to the bulk uploader.

The bulk uploader allows you to select as many images as you wish and you can upload them with a single click.

Once all of your images are uploaded and categorized you can pull them into individual page layouts in the wizard by clicking on “Add Pictures/Video” in the page builder. When you click that, you will be shown the full list of image categories, and will be able to navigate to a category or subcategory and select all of your desired images for the page element.

The user experience will remain unchanged for the agent using the Page Wizard.

Parent Site to Child Site Location Sharing

Path: Agent Site Admin > Settings > Configuration > Property Search

An Agent can now take advantage of all locations, Custom Neighborhoods, Developments, etc. from the brokerage site on their agent site. To enable this, select “Use All Parent Site Type Ahead Locations” via the path above.

Marketing Template Export as PDF

Path: Admin > Email Marketing > Templates > Template > View As PDF

You can now export any email marketing Template as a PDF. To do this, navigate to the template you wish to export and clicks “View As PDF.”

If there are Mail merge fields in the template, such as “{{user.first_name}}” or “{{user.last_name}}” then you will be prompted to replace that text with Copy for use in the PDF.

After you have entered the substitutions that you want, click “Proceed to view as PDF” and you will be taken to a page with a PDF version of the template with the appropriate text substitutions.

Lead Import Field Matching

Path: Admin > Leads > Import Leads A user can now

When you are importing leads and the spreadsheet header content does not match the Batch User Data template that we provide, you will be prompted to map the data into our system through a simple matching screen.

All you have to do is match the fields from their spreadsheet, displayed in the left column, to the appropriate system field, which you can choose from a drop down in the right-hand column.

Lead Import Lead Update option

Path: Admin > Leads > Import Leads

Users can now update existing lead records from the data in a lead import by selecting “Update existing leads” in the Lead Import Option. This will overwrite the lead information that is currently in the system with the information that is being imported while keeping all other user data intact.

Agent Search Configuration Option Consolidation

Path: Admin > Settings > Agents/Offices > Agent Index Search Options

The Agent Index Search Options have been consolidated and now function independently.

Subscription Management Page for Contacts

Users can now sign a contact up for email marketing outreach. While they do not have a user admin that they can access, they can click on “Manage Subscriptions” in the footer of emails that they receive, which will take them to a page where they can manage their subscriptions. Please note the only way that they can reach that page is to follow the email footer link.