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Release Notes – October

At Boston Logic, we’ve been working hard at building new features to make our platform easy to use and profitable for you and your agents. To keep you up to date on the latest changes to the platform we have started a new tradition to the blog, Release Notes. Release Notes will feature the latest release we have made to the Boston Logic Platform.  To kick off our inaugural month, take a look at our releases we launched in October.

New Action Plan Tasks

Apply Action Plan – You can now tie an action plan to a marketing list. This allows you to create a focused series of tasks based on a group’s interest in your services. No more double data entry!


Task Due Date – Tasks can now have a specific date and can be set for future dates. So now, if you want to automate a holiday message to go out on a date, go for it!

For more detailed instructions on Action Plans, click here
For more detailed instructions on Tasks, click here

Export Employees

You can now export employees that are not agents or brokers. Simply go to Settings > Employees and click the “Export Employees” button and the Boston Logic platform will send a .csv file to your email.


For more detailed instructions on Export Employees, click here

Duplicate Leads

Duplicate leads will now import as contacts. A Contact is usually a person who will not be purchasing or selling a property, and, therefore, will not need all of the backend functionality of a lead.

For more detailed instructions on Contacts, Click here
For more detailed instructions on Importing Leads, Click here

New Listing Syndication Feeds

Vscreen – Vscreen is one of the premier video content providers in the real estate industry. You can now pull your listing videos straight onto your MLS results.

Rainmakers – Some people like the screen others like to feel the rain. Rainmakers is another video content player that you can now pull into your listings.

Mayfair – Worldwide! We can syndicate your listing to the British Isles.

Juwuai – Juwuai is a web gateway behind the Chinese government’s firewall allowing your website to reach mainland Chinese buyers.  

Big thank you to everyone (including our customers) who have helped make the Boston Logic platform better than before! If you want to know more about our features, head over to our help guide. Till next month……….


Formed in 2004, Boston Logic is an online marketing and software firm focused on the real estate industry, providing software, online marketing, and design services to real estate companies. Boston Logic helps works with real estate developers, brokers, and agents to help them grow and succeed by leveraging technology, marketing services and the web.