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November 21, 2016
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Reverse Prospecting

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reverse prospecting

Boston Logic released the first component of what is going to be a big enhancement to our platform today, Reverse Prospecting Lead Search. At its most basic level, it is a lead search by activity allowing you to find leads who have searched for a given group of properties.

Reverse Prospecting

Path: Admin > Leads > Search > Show Advanced Options > Reverse Prospecting Search

For example, if you ran a brokerage in Boston and wanted to find all of the leads in your CRM who had searched for Condos in Back Bay for 1-1.2 million dollars, you can now do that using the reverse prospecting search. Once you have completed the search you can then create a smart list based on that search and target that group of leads with very specific marketing language. Additionally, if you were going into a listing presentation you could conduct a Reverse Prospecting search beforehand and then tell the seller, “I have 156 people who I could call right now who are interested in buying a house just like yours.” It is a very powerful tool.

In practice, any search for properties that a user can conduct on the front end of the system, an agent or admin can now conduct back end for leads allowing the agent or admin to get very granular with you lead segmentation and marketing outreach.

To perform a lead search follow the path above and enter the property criteria that the leads you want to find have searched for.

reverse prospecting

The system will return any lead who matches your criteria via the following recorded actions:

  • Search Activity
  • Saved Searches
  • Favorite Properties
  • Property Notes
  • Schedule A Showing
  • Listing Inquiry
  • Email A Friend

To go back to our Back Bay example, the system will return any lead who has completed any of those actions, where the subject property matches the following search criteria:

  • Property Type = Condo
  • Location = Back Bay, Boston, MA
  • Price Min = $1,000,000
  • Price Max – $1,200,000


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Spencer Taylor
Spencer is the Director of Business Development at Boston Logic, where he works with Sales and Marketing to drive sales of the company's online marketing and lead management solutions to real estate brokers, and build relationships with clients and strategic partners.