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March 31, 2015
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What’s New for the Boston Logic Platform?

It’s been a long winter, but we’ve finally dug ourselves out of the snow and boy have we been busy. At Boston Logic, we are all about giving brokers, teams, and agents the tools they need to ramp up their business.  In fact, below are three recent releases to our platform.

Here are three major updates that you can start using today:

1. Add contacts, agents, and employees to marketing lists:

You can now add anyone to email marketing lists. That means you aren’t limited to just sending email marketing to leads; you can send emails to contacts, agents, brokers, admins and employees through the Boston Logic platform.

Making it possible to include everyone in email marketing campaigns opens up many new uses for our email marketing component. Now you can create targeted email marketing campaigns for any reason and send them to any audience – not just buyers and sellers. For instance, say you want to launch a campaign targeting your partners and/or potential partners, simply enroll them in a drip campaign straight from the Boston Logic platform.

Adding contacts, agents, brokers, admins, or employees is very similar to adding leads to email marketing lists. Check out the full directions here.

2. Area Profiles:

Boston Logic Area pages
You can now create robust area profile pages on the Boston Logic platform. Area profile pages are custom search pages based on specific areas that you choose. These pages display dynamic and relevant content about a certain area to your visitors. This content includes an IDX property list and map in that region, colorful market reports, local dining and entertainment information, and more.

These pages combine all the information that buyers and sellers want on a neighborhood into one clean page. With area pages, your website will become a trusted source for all the local neighborhood information buyers and sellers crave. More content also means more chances of being found in a search engine.

You can see how easy it is to create area pages by following this link.

3. Search by school and school districts:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 1.32.57 PM

We’ve added more functionality to our search pages by integrating with Onboard Informatics. Visitors now have the ability to search for listings based on certain schools or school districts. When viewing listings on a map, visitors can see all schools that service each listing.

School districts can make an area more attractive to buyers and now your buyers have the power to see updated school districts on the Boston Logic platform.

To enable this feature on your search pages, click here.

Formed in 2004, Boston Logic is an online marketing and software firm focused on the real estate industry, providing software, online marketing, and design services to real estate companies. Boston Logic helps works with real estate developers, brokers, and agents to help them grow and succeed by leveraging technology, marketing services and the web.