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5 Types of Posts your Real Estate Blog can’t do Without


real-estate-blogging-best-practicesWe recognize that to grow your business through blogging you need to regularly publish blog posts. However, doing so is difficult. It requires thought, research, and lots of time. It also requires ideas. Ideas can be hard to come by – sometimes you just run out and have writer’s block. But don’t stress. It’s easier than you think to come up with valuable content for your readers.

Here are a few ideas from our new eBook, Blogging Best Practices for Real Estate Professionals, to get you started:

Pro Tip: We recommend blogging multiple times a week, and keeping post lengths above 200 words. If you are limited to blogging once a week or every couple of weeks, post your blogs on the same day of the week so that your readers know when to expect them.

1. Evergreen Content

When you blog consistently, you are able to discover the content that is relevant over time. This is your evergreen content. Evergreen content usually consists of longer posts that allow you to elaborate on a subject, and become an expert, trusted reference. For a real estate blog, an evergreen blog post might be, “How to Look out for Real Estate Scams,” or a guide to the buying process for first time buyers. You want to share this content continuously over time so that your new readers can still find it.

2. Community Posts

Look at what is going on in the communities you service and create posts around those topics. You can stay up to date with the latest community news by subscribing to town newsletters and following the social media channels of local businesses and community leaders. Homebuyers are not only interested in the homes available, but also the schools, restaurants and events available, as these help them picture a life in the community.

Bonus — Video Posts:

You might want to switch things up a bit and shoot community videos for the areas you service, featuring lifestyles, amenities and any events that take place. You can then easily embed your videos into your posts. Posting videos presents a great opportunity for you to engage a wider audience of prospective buyers, because, according to the National Association of Realtors, 86% of home buyers want to watch videos to find out more about a specific community.

3. Infographics

Create infographics to give your reader a break from the typical post. Infographics make your most important snippets of information easier to digest, as they are broken up and called out within the design. This means your readers can easily scan your piece without missing anything. And, since infographics are design heavy, they are more engaging to your readers. It’s true! In fact, content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without any relevant images.

Check out this example of an infographic we designed with one of our clients, Pinnacle Residential Properties, covering the major differences between buying a home in the U.S and in China. They created this as a great companion piece to their longer real estate guide for Chinese investors.

4. How-to & List Posts

Appeal to your readers by offering them the promise of an easy read with how-to and list posts. For example, before even clicking on one of these posts, your reader will expect the information to be broken up into steps or list items. This makes it easier for readers to scan your content. (Did you know that 81% of people only skim the content they read online?!)

5. Repurposed Content

Go through your old blog posts and social media content to see what has been popular in the past. Regarding social media, which of your posts have been liked, retweeted, or shared? You can experiment with different topics and see which ones have better responses, and repurpose that content into longer, information-rich blog posts, eBooks (like this one on blogging best practices) and infographics.

The value of real estate blogging simply cannot be overlooked. When you consistently blog, you benefit from more local backlink love, drive more traffic to your site and cement yourself and a trusted thought leader in your territory. Sound like a plan? Great, let’s get blogging!

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Samantha Leonard
Samantha is a Digital Marketing associate at Boston Logic, who works closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to create engaging and valuable content, with the goal of educating leads and guiding them through the buyers journey.