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3 Repurposing Ideas to Keep Your Blog Post Out of the Content Graveyard

Gravestone in old cemetery

The haunting season is in, so let’s take the time to think about something scary: the traffic to your brokerage’s blog. Scary, right? If you feel like your blog is turning into a content graveyard, try repurposing your content.

What is repurposing?
Repurposing is taking your current content and jazzing it up to gain further value.

Why repurpose?
Because you’ve worked hard for your content and you want to make the most out of that hard work. Also, as you might have guessed, content creation is a tough job, why not make it easier?

How do I repurpose content?
Good question! There are many ways and channels to repurpose content. We are going to focus on three easy wins, but there are many ways and resources to get you going! Before we get started, though, you’ll want to decide what content to repurpose. One way you could do this is to pull up your most popular posts from your blog via “Top Posts” (if you have that section) or to look at the top posts via Google Analytics.

Content Repurposing Idea #1 Repost to Social Media
If you’re looking for a quick and easy win, send and then resend your content out to your social channels. Here’s a tip, it’s easier to publish and track the popularity of your social content when you’re using some form of social media management software such as buffer or Hootsuit.

Content Repurposing Idea #2 Refresh old content
Refreshing your old content is another quick and easy win. As news and technology are ever-evolving, you might have a great piece of content that can use an update on content or stats. As we speak, I am taking all of Boston Logic’s old eBooks and refreshing the design and content. We have all sorts of eBooks on mobile, lead generation, and Google Analytics that become stale as time goes on. Refreshing these eBooks is an easy win because I don’t have to start from scratch, just take out and update sections of content.

Content Repurposing Idea #3 Create an Infographic
This one requires a bit more work, but a successful blog post is usually filled with data or tips to keep your reader engaged. Why not take those data points or tips and illustrate them! With today’s technology, you don’t have to be a hot shot designer to create a good looking infographic. Try tools like Piktochart or Canva to easily create eye-catching infographics.

As I’ve stated before, there are many ways to keep your content alive, but above are three quick ways to stay out of the graveyard!

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