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CRM + Agent Adoption = Productivity

real-trends-boston-logicRecently Boston Logic partnered with REAL Trends to take a look at agent adoption of technology, particularly CRMs. By studying data and asking questions, we explored the degree of impact these systems had and which technique and systems are the most effective in generating the best agent adoption. To learn more about this study, please read the first chapter below:

Do I Need a Customer Relationship Management System?

In a past study conducted by REAL Trends in 2013, we found that 40 percent of real estate professionals reported using a CRM system. Of those 40 percent, we found that 95 percent of the nation’s top-performing agents use a CRM system in their business.

CRM usage has made an impressive leap since 2013. At 72.5 percent, nearly 3 out of every 4 agents polled in this study have a CRM system in place. At a similar rate, 69.4 percent of brokerages surveyed currently supply a CRM system for their agents.

Having a CRM system in place as an agent, or providing one for agents as a brokerage, seems like a relatively simple decision to make. However, roughly 30 percent of brokerages and/or agents don’t invest in this business tool.

Below are the top 10 reasons we heard from brokerages on why they don’t use or supply a CRM system.


The common issues deterring brokerages, and many of the responses supplied in the “other” category, were directly related to the lack of clarity on CRM systems. Nearly 1 in 3 brokerages are unsure which CRM is right for them, and another 13 percent simply didn’t know where to start. One of the most common issues that the REAL Trends Technology Consulting team tackles with our brokerage clients is deciphering the complexity surrounding CRM systems.

The most surprising answer from the brokerages surveyed was that 21 percent said that they did not need a CRM system. We will address this further in the productivity section of this study.

…to read to full study click here!



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