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3 Reasons Brokers Don’t Get the Leads They Deserve (And How to Fix Them)

Maryalice postWhen you are looking for a home or a new apartment where is the first place you go? Personally, like most people, I rely on Google. In my searches, I stumble across countless real estate websites. As I click through these sites, far too many of them aren’t doing enough to convert the traffic into leads.

Are you getting the leads that you feel you deserve? If you’re like most brokerages, you worked hard on your site and if the traffic that comes to your site isn’t converting then all that work was to no avail. There are three major things you may not be doing if your conversion rate isn’t where you’d like it to be.

1. You don’t have clear calls to action

A site without calls to action is nothing more than a placeholder. One of the main reasons you aren’t converting the traffic that comes to your site could also be the simplest- you don’t have calls to action. If a visitor isn’t prompted to give you their information, chances are you won’t get it unless they decide to call you. You need to guide a visitor through your site, give them next steps, and prompt them to provide you with their information.

The Fix

So where and when should you have calls to action?  While just having them is important, the results you get may increase or decrease based on where, when and how you prompt a visitor to sign up. You have so many different options for placement of calls to action: the header of a page, the footer of a page, the sidebar, “above the fold” or even a pop up on the page.protip2

We find that at that point in the search the visitor has shown quite a bit of interest in your listings and are more likely to give you their information. Unfortunately, there is no universally accepted place or time to have calls to action. What works best for your site might not work best for someone else’s, however, one thing that is agreed upon is you have to have them!

2. You don’t give them a reason to convert

How many times have you clicked on a site and they ask for your email right away? I can’t even count the amount of times that has happened to me, and when it does, I leave that site immediately. I won’t provide my information without having some sort of perceived value from the site.

The Fix

The same thing goes for the majority of your visitors. You need to give them a reason to convert, something of value. Whether it is the capability of emailing a listing to a friend or prompting them to set up a showing; you have to give to get!

3. Your site doesn’t provide a good user experience

I have spent hours on the Internet searching for information; my biggest pet peeve is a site that is difficult to navigate! We’ve all been on them clunky searches, broken pages, dated look and feel and ads all over the place… the list goes on. Nobody has time to waste on a site that is not intuitive these days. If you want to have a high conversion rate, you need to make sure that your site is one that people will want to visit, stay on, and come back to. There are a lot of factors that can affect the user experience. So ask yourself:

  • Is my site visually appealing?
  • Is it optimized for mobile?
  • Do my calls to action stand out/ are they eye catching?
  • Am I offering value?

If you want to improve your conversion rate you need to focus on three things: having clear calls to action, offering value to the user, and providing a good user experience. Now you have the knowledge, so go out there and get the leads that you deserve!

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Maryalice Smith
Maryalice is a Project Manager at Boston Logic, concerned with providing excellent customer service to estate developers, brokers, and agents in order to help their businesses grow and succeed. As a previous Business Development Representative, she fostered valuable contact relationships by educating prospects about the Boston Logic platform and guiding them toward becoming customers.