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November 20, 2015
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3 Ways to Add Gravy to your Lead Follow up

Everyone has their favorite Holiday and their reasons for it. I happen to love Thanksgiving, for one reason, the gravy. Gravy is the most integral part when it comes to my Thanksgiving plate game. Gravy is the one thing that takes the entire feast to the next level, and while I will try not to drool on the keyboard in the process, I’m going to let you in on some strategies to bring your lead follow up to the next level. So while you may not immediately see the connection, hopefully, this post clears a few things up.

1. Automation: The first person to the table at my house gets to fill their plate, and speed is huge in lead follow up as well. If you are not quick to follow-up with your leads, chances are they will be at someone else’s house eating someone else’s turkey–or on another site talking to another brokerage!

Now we all have busy lives, especially during the holidays, so it isn’t always possible to send an email or call a lead the second they come to your site…or is it? Using marketing automation, you can ensure that a lead is followed-up with instantly and take a lot of the work and room for human error out of the process.

2. Segmented email lists: Priorities, everyone has them, and Boston Logic is no different. We’ve developed a lead scoring algorithm that allows you to focus on your hottest leads so that you can prioritize and maximize your efforts in your lead follow up.

Segmenting email lists based on where your lead is in the buying process will allow you to focus on the leads that need your attention most and tailor your messaging to them. You won’t use the same messaging and follow-up strategy with someone that wants to move in a month as you would with someone that wants to move in 8 months.

3. Lifetime follow up: Can you say repeat and referral business? Well, how are you going to get any repeat customers or referrals if your customer doesn’t remember your name? It is important to stay in touch with past clients so that when they are ready to sell their house, they go directly to you.

One way to do this is by sending them monthly emails of Market Reports for their area, what their home is worth and what other similar homes are selling for; this provides them value while staying top of mind.

So while any effort to follow up with leads is good, the true gravy is in the continuous valuable touches throughout the entire buying process and continuously even after the transaction.

If you follow these steps, you will become a trusted advisor, a valuable resource, and dare I say as dependable as a Thanksgiving feast year after year.

Maryalice Smith
Maryalice is a Project Manager at Boston Logic, concerned with providing excellent customer service to estate developers, brokers, and agents in order to help their businesses grow and succeed. As a previous Business Development Representative, she fostered valuable contact relationships by educating prospects about the Boston Logic platform and guiding them toward becoming customers.