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3 Ways to Stay Top of Mind with your Clients

top-of-mind-reYes, consistent follow up is incredibly important when it comes to giving your leads that little nudge into the customer zone. But once they decide to buy or sell with you, what happens next?

Often there is a greater focus on generating new customers than nurturing and retaining existing ones. However, your existing customers have something to offer you that no one else can: referral and repeat business. If they remember you, that is.  

Being forgotten hurts. There is nothing worse than missing out on a referral opportunity, or an opportunity to have a client list with you again because they simply forgot about you. If you’ve ever experienced this scenario, you know what really stings is that it could have been prevented.

Avoid singing the “if only” song that’s likely rolled off the tongues of many of your competitors and continue following up with your customers after the sale. Here are a few tips to make sure you always stay top of mind with them:

1. Follow up Online

The world has gone digital. So, where better to connect with your past and present customers than online?

Market Insights

Use drip campaigns to automatically send targeted newsletters and other valuable information to your customers at the right times. Unlike you do with your leads, however, you don’t want to send out lots of new listings to your clients — this may give you a reputation as a spammer. Rather, your customers want to see actionable data — send them market reports! Boston Logic’s Market Insights offer your clients snapshots into the community and the health of the market, as well as the value of the homes in that market. This is a valuable tool for helping your clients decide if they want to buy or sell again.

Social Media

Your social media channels offer you a friendly, more informal place where you can keep the conversation going with your customers. Again posting valuable content, like your blog posts, and even retargeting ads, helps you stay in touch with your customers in a no-pressure way. And, each time you reach out to them and respond to their posts you are effectively “touching” them and putting yourself top of mind.

2. Host Appreciation Events

Host an appreciation event for your customers to show them how much you care. This can be anything from an all out white-glove affair to a more laid back, cozy gathering. For example:

  • Rent a venue and throw an all inclusive annual appreciation party and offer parting gifts to each attendee
  • Combine an appreciation event with a charity event, where the cost of each ticket goes to a specific charity. This may even generate some great publicity for you online and in the local news.
  • Host an annual holiday or summer party for your customers — you can even do this at your own home
  • Host a happy hour at a local hotel

Whatever you have the means for, your customers will appreciate the gesture and will be sure to not only remember you long-term, but also talk about you with their family, friends, and coworkers.

Tip: It’s important to keep in mind that when you throw an event of any kind, you need to send out invitations in advance. You want to make your invitations look great since they offer you another opportunity to be remembered. The nicer they look the more likely they’ll be remembered year-after-year and the more impressed your clients will be with you.

3. Give Gifts

Don’t underestimate the power of gift giving in real estate. You don’t have to get anything too lavish; human beings (most of us anyways) are sentimental, so sending even a small gift to your client when they close with you leaves a lasting impact. Some gift ideas are:

  • Home warranties — a home warranty is a popular gift given by many real estate agents. It’s invaluable if anything ever happens and your customer needs to use it. And, it also offers a sly follow up opportunity since you can call your client a few months down the road and ask them if they’ve used it.
  • A gift card to a local high end restaurant
  • A gift basket — you’ll know your client by this point and will know what kind of gift basket to get. If you’re still a bit lost there, Harry & David offers some great options that are perfect for everyone.
  • A charity donation to your client’s charity of choice

These are just a few of the endless options out there. The most important takeaway is that your gift needs to be memorable!

Staying in touch with your existing customers is as easy as you make it. If you build a good rapport and stay top of mind with them, you can ask for referrals and tap into their goldmine of contacts. When they are ready to buy or sell with them, or know someone who is, they’ll think of you!


Samantha Leonard
Samantha is a Digital Marketing associate at Boston Logic, who works closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to create engaging and valuable content, with the goal of educating leads and guiding them through the buyers journey.