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April 6, 2016
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Why Segmenting your Contacts gets you Better Results

marketing_auto_blog_puzzleYou’re a real estate professional, but that means you’re also a marketer.

We know how important marketing automation is to growing a booming real estate business, so we want to share some list segmenting strategies specifically for owners, brokers, agents and marketers. The following is an except from a chapter of our eBook, ‘Real Estate Marketing Automation: Tips and tricks every real estate pro should have in their arsenal.’ If you like this post, download the eBook for free and read the full chapter. There’s even more to discover!

Now let’s get to the good stuff…

Lead Segmentation.

Gathering information to understand your leads and customers allows you to segment them into similar email lists. Segmenting your lists helps you make your email marketing campaigns more personal and relevant.

So how can you segment your leads?

You can separate leads and into different lists by:

  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Renters
  • Location
  • Price range
  • Type of home

and much more!

This way, you can send specific messages to certain groups, instead of broadcasting the same message to your entire mailing list. Your renters may not want to get a newsletter about homes for sale in the area, and those looking for two bedroom condos may not want to hear about six bedroom houses.

By determining a number of conditions that better define a person’s wishes and expectations, you can easily create segmented lists. You can then set up these lists to be targeted with specific newsletters and drip campaigns that speak to their position in the buyer’s journey.

For example, you could segment your email marketing campaigns to:

  • Send listing updates based on your leads’ criteria. If they are looking to buy or rent a home, what is their ideal size, location, and/or price range?
  • Follow up with your customers with market reports including general information about their neighborhood and property. (Find out more about the value of market reports in our eBook!)

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that it is important to segment into sufficiently large lists. Otherwise, you might as well be sending personalized messages and drip campaigns to each person in your system.

This is just a small portion of what we have to offer inside our marketing automation eBook. Download it now and put the ball in your court — your competitors won’t know what hit them when you take over the real estate marketing game!

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Samantha Leonard
Samantha is a Digital Marketing associate at Boston Logic, who works closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to create engaging and valuable content, with the goal of educating leads and guiding them through the buyers journey.