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5 Digital Marketing Tactics to Grow your Brokerage

According to the CMO Council, content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing but costs 62% less. If you’re looking to scale your business and, optimize your budget, here are five digital marketing tactics to power your marketing strategy.

Marketing Automation:

Marketing Automation is technology that allows you to automate emails so that leads are followed up with immediately, create tasks to keep your agents and hold your agents more accountable by being able to see all of the work they are doing. Marketing automation is so powerful that Nucleus Research states automation drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. Marketing automation also takes data collected on a prospect and delivers highly personalized digital experiences.

Email Marketing:

When you add email marketing to your marketing automation you know have one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay top of mind with leads and past clients. In a recent survey conducted by Boston Logic, we found that the buying process for an online lead can take anywhere from 12-24 months, so it is extremely important for you to stay top of mind. Email marketing provides a way to keep in contact with prospects throughout the buyer’s journey.

Email marketing ideas include:

  • Listing updates
  • Just sold
  • Open House
  • Branded newsletters
  • Reports on the market in a certain neighborhood

Mobile Experience:

In a recent PEW research study, 44% of respondents had used their phone to look up real estate listings or other information about a place to live. As technology is ever exploding, this number is only going to grow. Catering to the mobile experience is becoming more of a necessity in your going to grow your online presence.

If you’re not responsive right now, here is food for thought: Say you’re on a website, looking for places to live while at a diner with your significant other. You’re not on your laptop, and you’re probably on a smartphone. Would you want to be pinching and scrolling to view a property? Creating a mobile experience keeps your user happy and a happy user is more likely to be a lead.

Also, keep in mind that a bad user experience can hurt your search engine rankings.


Another great resource in online marketing is retargeting.  Retargeting gives you the ability to advertise to people that have already visited your site, allowing you a second, third, or even tenth chance to convert that lead. The illustration below provides a high-level overview as to how retargeting works:

(Please note that this graphic was made for Boston Logic, so for #2, you just need a retargeting platform. If you want to find out more about how we set up retargeting, just ask!) Thanks to retargeting when a visitor comes to your site and doesn’t convert into a lead immediately, hope is not lost!

Content Creation:

One of the most important factors when trying to improve your SEO strategy is creating regular and relevant content. Now you may be thinking “that’s all well and good but I can’t compete with Zillow and Trulia when it comes to Google….” WELL… in certain ways you can’t. That is why we suggest creating hyper-local content for competitive keywords and terms. Rather than creating a page about “Boston Homes for Sale”, you will have a much better chance competing for space on Google create a page for “Homes for sale in Flat of the Hill (Beacon Hill).” All of the content that you create should have the purpose of driving traffic to your site and providing value to those visitors.

These techniques provide a concrete strategy to grow your business, and if you need some extra help, we are always available!


Maryalice Smith
Maryalice is a Project Manager at Boston Logic, concerned with providing excellent customer service to estate developers, brokers, and agents in order to help their businesses grow and succeed. As a previous Business Development Representative, she fostered valuable contact relationships by educating prospects about the Boston Logic platform and guiding them toward becoming customers.