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April 20, 2016
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Go Green with your Marketing

Senior man and baby holding the Earth in hands against a rainbow in spring. Ecology concept

Senior man and baby holding the Earth in hands against a rainbow in spring. Ecology concept

People all over the world, join hands…and go green with your marketing. As it’s earth day, it’s only fitting that we discuss how to reduce our footprint and take our marketing strategies off the streets and online instead!

Because who needs paper when you have the whole word at your fingertips, beneath your keyboard. As i’ll mention below…do it for the trees (don’t forget, we need them for oxygen to breathe, clean air, and fundamentally, to exist as human beings.)

Advertise Digitally

Print marketing only gets you so far. Sure, it’s great to get your listings in the newspaper and out in other print formats, but there’s another booming market out there that you could be missing out on. The very green, very extensive, online market.

Extend your reach across the digital world with digital advertising. There are a number of great platforms that you can use to get your ads out there, including Google Adwords, Adroll, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and more.

What’s best about digital advertising(aside from helping you go green)?  Targeting the right audience with the right content! (And we can’t forget about retargeting!) With digital advertising platforms, you can choose exactly who sees your specific ads by creating and segmenting your Custom Audiences, and targeting your content to those users.

Lookalike Audiences take the magic of retargeting a step further, by allowing you to reach people who haven’t even visited your site! You can create a Lookalike Audience from a Custom Audience, and target those users with similar browsing behaviors to your existing contacts.

Email your listing sheets

Go green with your email listing sheets! Surprisingly enough, many agents still don’t email their listing sheets to their prospective buyers. Instead they’re printing them out. Printing out a listing sheet for each and every person with whom you meet isn’t exactly eco-friendly (think of the trees!). And, not only that, but it’s tedious.

Instead of printing your listing sheets, show your clients the information they need to know ahead of time by emailing the listing facts. This way, they can pull up the information about a home on their smartphone as they meet with you and view the house. Or, if they don’t have a smartphone on them, you could pull up the listing information for them and go over it right then and there, sans any extra paper. The trees will thank you.

Does your website allow your leads to favorite the listings they come across when browsing your site? With the Boston Logic platform, your leads can favorite a listing on your site, and easily go back to it with just a click anytime they want to view the information.  

It’s time, time to go green. And that doesn’t just mean recycling your plastics. Do it with your marketing! With these tips you can help make sure that our good green Earth keeps spinning.



Samantha Leonard
Samantha is a Digital Marketing associate at Boston Logic, who works closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to create engaging and valuable content, with the goal of educating leads and guiding them through the buyers journey.