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3 Local Link Building Opportunities for Real Estate Brokerages

Hand ShakeThe technique of “link building” in the world of Search Engine Optimization refers to gaining links to your website from other sites on the web. This tactic results in increases in both domain authority for your website, as well as referral traffic and new visitors to your site.

In recent years, link building has gotten a bad rap. In fact, one of the most common misconceptions in the SEO space is that link building is now dominated by what we call black hat specialists. The term “black hat SEOs” refers to marketers in the industry who aim to manipulate and confuse search engines into thinking certain websites and landing pages are more valuable than they really are.

However, quantity and quality of backlinks continues to be one of the biggest indicators of domain authority for search engines. As most real estate agencies thrive within their local communities, there are plenty of ways to reach out to other local business or resources and get links. The best thing about cross-promoting with local businesses is the win-win factor. Your company is actively participating within your local area, and your website gains power on the web while these other resources receive valuable content and information for their sites. 

Here are three notable link-building opportunities for real estate brokerages to take advantage of within their local communities:

  1. Host a Community Event

Hosting an event can do wonders for creating buzz around your business and attracting attention. However, it is essential that you find or create an event that will be of significant value and importance to your community. Create a page on your website dedicated to your event, and share this link with relevant local news and resource websites.

For instance, it is quite possible that your town’s Chamber of Commerce has a calendar of local events on their website. Reach out to them and ask for them to include information about your event along with a link to the event page on your website. Chances are they are desperate for content to fill their calendars. If you are hosting the event with another organization, or if your event has gained the attention of sponsors, these sites may be interested in posting website or blog content based around your event as well.

Bonus Tip: Using a form on your page or an event site service such as Eventbrite (which is free) will help you plan for the amount of people attending the event.

  1. Donate to a Community Charity or Service

Donating to charities and local services is a great practice for anyone with the opportunity to give. Charitable donations show that you are in touch with the needs of your area, and they give your brand the reputation of being empathetic and generous. It doesn’t hurt that donations usually come with some form of honorable mentions on their site. Therefore, why not give back to your local community, and gain the added benefit of backlinking to build domain authority?

  1. Sponsor a Local Sports Team

One of the most fun and rewarding ways to get involved with your area is by sponsoring a local sports team. This can be a great way to stay connected with the community, raise brand awareness for your business, and even earn a few links in the process! Whether you are sponsoring an adult kickball league or a youth ski team, the benefits can be both rewarding and exciting.

Once you become a contributor, the teams will link to notable sponsors on their team or organization webpage. Not to mention athletes will travel around with your company name on their uniforms! Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity for engagement while also improving your search engine optimization.

Bonus: Have people mention you on social media. While most social media sites won’t give you the backlink love you want, your brand will still be out there, gaining attention.

Get More Involved Within Your Community!

These are just a few ideas amongst the many ways that local businesses can earn links within their communities. All of these techniques will earn you a trusted link, and therefore increase your domain authority on the web. However, the big picture is that you will be getting more involved within your community and building brand trust and awareness.

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Leah Tagliarino
Leah is a Marketing Services associate at Boston Logic, where she researches and and applies the major practices of digital marketing, to include Google Adwords online advertisement, search engine optimization, content production, blog management, keyword research, competitive analysis, reporting and more. She is in direct contact with Boston Logic clientele tasks on a daily basis, playing an integral role within the Marketing team.