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August 5, 2015
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Pinterest: Your Newest Real Estate Marketing Tool

It’s no secret that content marketing is the key to success for any business. Content marketing is any sharing of media or publishing your own content in order to attract customers. A huge part of content marketing is imagery, making Pinterest a very useful tool to create and share content that will help build your real estate business.

What is Pinterest?

  • Pins: images and other forms of media
  • Boards: categorized collections of your pins
  • Repins: reposting images

Pinterest allows you to create an online media platform by posting or “pinning” images onto “boards”. These boards become categorized collections of images and videos. By gaining followers, “repinning” images, and liking pins, your Pinterest account can flourish into an effective form of content marketing.

Ways to Use Pinterest for Real Estate:

  1. Create an Online Neighborhood: Pin images of local restaurants and shops, nearby parks or schools, and other nearby amenities all onto one board. This way, buyers are able to get a true feel for the area they will be living in from your virtual neighborhood. All of this imagery can create a really interesting buyer experience that is truly eye-catching.
  2. Attract Different Buyer Personas: Create boards to attract different buyer personas to appeal to a large range of clients, while personalizing each buyer experience. From a young couple that are first time home buyers, to an older couple looking for a modest home, specified boards allow you to create different categories to appeal to each audience and personalize the buyer experience!
  3. Share Real Tips and Tricks: Become a reliable source of advice for homeowners and prospective buyers by sharing tips and tricks for real estate! Whether it’s interior design ideas to conserve space, unique ways to stay organized, or studies on the best time of year to sell your home, your board will be a one stop solution to clients and possible leads!

Don’t Forget to Always….

Like! Click the like button! You may gain a new follower!

Repin! Collect more content! Another way to gain followers!

Follow! Grow your account by supporting others!

Hashtag! Filter in more traffic to your boards by relating other searches to your pins!


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