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May 10, 2017
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Real Estate Tech Tip: Understanding Data

Real Estate Data

Everyone wants more data, agent data, client data, web traffic and email performance data. Why? At Boston Logic we hear a lot of noise about data within the real estate industry but not a lot of actionable plans to put it to work.

So how do we put all this data to work?

  • Client data is the fuel for automation, the more you know about your clients the better you can hone your message to them.
  • Agent data is the underpinning of effective lead routing and follow-up. The more you know about your agents and how they are performing the better you can match them to the right leads and make sure they are driving deals forward.
  • Website and email performance data give’s you the feedback you need to make sure your marketing messages are connecting with your audience and promoting meaningful engagement.

This is what data is for, the next question is do your tools set you up to take advantage of your data?


Need help putting your real estate data to work? Like the ideas mentioned in this post but don’t know how to implement them? Our digital marketing team has you covered. Click here to learn more. 

Real Estate Data!