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5 Design Resources for the Non-Designer

Concept illustrating a designer working

Concept illustrating a designer workingDesign and marketing go hand and hand, and as a real estate professional it’s inevitable that you’ll need to tackle both. If you’re not someone who is all that comfortable with graphic design, taking on the work can be a challenge, especially with all of the advanced products out there that aren’t exactly user-friendly. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be a professional artist to design like one.

For all of you self proclaimed non-designers out there, I want to share these easy-to-use design tools that will have you creating graphics like a pro!

1. Canva

No one will ever know that you aren’t a professional graphic designer when you’re using Canva. Its simple WYSIWYG editor allows you to create beautiful designs in just a few clicks. To get started, you can choose from over 1,000,000 layouts, stock photos, and illustrations, and search for the right font to set the perfect mood for your design. Or, create and edit your own designs from scratch! Simply drag and drop each element into the editor and show off and share your finished masterpiece. What’s best is the app is free!

Use Canva to create:

  • Infographics
  • Business Cards
  • Presentations
  • Social media graphics
  • Ad designs

And more — these are just a few suggestions to get you started!

2. Bannersnack

As a real estate agent, your advertisements help you extend your reach and stay relevant online. One application you can use to easily create eye-catching, professional-grade banner ads is Bannersnack. The all-in-one tool helps you create static, interactive and animated ads that work with iab., Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and other major platforms.

Fear not, non-designers, Bannersnack’s drag and drop UI is also incredibly user-friendly!

3. PowerPoint

Designers love Adobe products, like Indesign and Illustrator, but they don’t have the most user-friendly UIs. If you want something that’s easier to use, try Microsoft PowerPoint. With PowerPoint you can create and manipulate layouts and graphics that look like they’re made with one of a designer’s favorite tools. Drag and drop shapes, and import your favorite images to create the perfect design!

This one isn’t free, but you can try out a free trial!

4. Font Awesome

For your icon needs, turn to Font Awesome! What makes this font particularly awesome? For one, it offers a ton of variety, with icons to fit almost any design. And, there is no work on your part to create them; you just need to download the free font and add the right icon to your creation!

There’s even a Font Awesome cheatsheet to help you out! Simply copy and paste the icon you want into the platform you are working in, and apply Font Awesome.

5. Titlegenerator.com

Coming up with catchy, SEO friendly titles for your emails and blog posts can be hard and time consuming. Let The Best Title Generator, from Titlegenerator.com, do it for you. Enter your main keyword or phrase into the UI, and with just one click, the tool generates over 600 titles for you to choose from.

Keep in Mind: You don’t want to always simply choose the first headline generated. Take a minute to look through your options and choose the one that best fits with your messaging.

Bonus: CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Coshedule’s Headline Analyzer analyzes your titles word by word, helping you discover how you can further improve your headlines and subject lines for the best SEO results and metrics. 

Being a designer of sorts is fundamental if you want your real estate business to get noticed and gain traction. And, after using tools like the ones mentioned above, you may find yourself dropping that “non” in front of designer altogether!


Samantha Leonard
Samantha is a Digital Marketing associate at Boston Logic, who works closely with the Marketing and Sales teams to create engaging and valuable content, with the goal of educating leads and guiding them through the buyers journey.