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November 25, 2015
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4 Tips to Reach your Marketing Goals in 2016

According to Forbes, only 8% of people achieve their New Years resolutions. How did they come to this conclusion? Not sure, but I can take a guess why most resolutions fail. They are too lofty and not planned out well. If one of your 2016 goals are to grow your brokerage, a good start is to focus on your marketing efforts and here are some tips to get started:

Tip 1: Plan a content strategy
Having a content strategy will help you develop the big picture and the little pieces that help tell that larger story. A great place to start is by creating a content calendar that maps out your campaigns, email marketing, blogging, and all collateral for your content marketing. My preferred method of a content calendar and project management is Trello. Trello provides a real slick calendar view for viewing projects. Within each “card” (assignment), you can create a label, assign a project, set a due date, attach proofs and more!


If Trello doesn’t seem your thing, Excel also works well (though takes a bit more effort for the initial setup) and you can find plenty of content calendar templates for free online.

Tip 2: Analyze and test
Now that you’ve created a plan, you’ll want to track your marketing success to see what messaging and what channels work the best to reach your prospects and clients.

Analytics can answer important questions such as:

  • The performance of your current content
  • How do you improve your performance
  • What content is being viewed the most
  • Where you should focus your marketing spend

A great place to start your data tracking is Google Analytics. Google Analytics not only tracks your digital marketing efforts but also works great on your print advertising.

Tip 3: Automate your marketing
Marketing automation is technology that allows you to create workflows and streamline your marketing. Lead Generation, Lead scoring, segmentation, and lifecycle marketing are all benefits of using marketing automation software. Examples of marketing automation include landing pages, email marketing, lead scoring, social media management, lead capture forms, lead nurturing campaigns. In short, marketing automation helps your pipeline and frees up your agents time to focus on selling.

Tip 4: Get help!
If, even after marketing automation, you don’t have time, seek help! If you are looking to grow your brokerage, outsourcing to a freelancer or an agency can help you grow even faster.

While resolutions may not always stick, these four tips will help your brokerage have strong lead flow in 2016.


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